Thursday, May 22, 2008

What a Beautiful Evening

I was waiting for Michael to bring me the milk for straining. I grabbed the camera and headed out the door. The first 2 pictures were actually taken on Sunday. The purple rockets (a type of phlox) is growing wild all over right now. I love to see them. If you pick them, they last a long time in the house.

I saw this purple flower peeking out of the weeds against the house. It is actually on a Vinca vine. These vines are supposed to be an annual up here, but for whatever reason, one of mine (and I only plant mine in pots) somehow got rooted behind my half barrel planter. It comes up every year. It has never bloomed though. I pulled the leaves back to make sure it was the vine blooming and it was.

My Wisteria is almost done. I have praised the Lord for these blooms. I feel like it was a gift that God gave me. I drank in the sweet scent and just kept looking at them. I noticed it is growing along that side of the house. I need to pull them out as they can be destructive. I want to save a couple as I know some people who want starts.

This is my comfrey plant. It is doing well for being dug up many times. This is the one, that I dig up and give away. =) It seems to like this spot though.

I believe these are blooms from a wild cherry tree, but I need to look them up to be sure.

These little flowers are BEAUTIFUL. They just popped up though. They have never come up before and there are 2 patches of them. Both patches are in a row like they were planted on purpose.

Here are some baby apples on our tree.

These are baby peaches.

I hope you enjoyed your stroll with me. The milk should be in any minute now.


Melissa said...

Hi Marci, I was at a homeschool book sale today in Mt. Vernon, Ohio and a young boy was passing out a paper advertising The Amazing Grace General Store! I told him to tell you I said "HI" he said he was your neighbor.

Talk to you later,

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Definitely signs of spring/summer.

Kelley said...

Gorgeous pictures Marci!
I bet you can't wait for the peaches Ü
Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend!