Saturday, May 03, 2008

Name The Lambs Contest

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My sheep had 3 sets of twins this year. The first set to arrive were a ram and a ewe. Their Mama is Sunshine. The ram we used was named Diligence. I have already named them. Here is their pictures. The little white one is Psalty and his sister is Pepper.

The second set of twins to arrive were both girls. Their Mama's name is Charity and the ram was Diligence. They are both black (although they could possibly turn brown) with silver tipped ears. The one has just a hint of white on either side of her tail. Here are their pictures.

The third set of twins to be born were both girls as well. Their Mama's name is Grace and the ram is Diligence. They are both black (again, they might turn brown). One of them has a white dot on top of her head and the other one has some wispy white with just a hint of tan on top of her head. The pictures below that show their heads close up are not that good. They are still wet from being born and they have some dirt on them. Here are their pictures.

Here are some rules and guidelines.

I am looking for names that go together for each set of twins. Just like I named the first 2 Psalty and Pepper.
The names Button and Bows are out because I already mentioned them in the video below as a possibility.
There will be 2 winners to this contest (one for each set of twins), but we might not necessarily use those names if we find something else we really like outside the contest suggestions.
If your set of names goes with one set or the other, please make it clear which it goes with. If you don't specify then I will assume it can be for either.
I ask that you leave your set of names in a comment. Your children are welcome to put their choice in as well.
You do not need to have a blog to enter, but leave me some way to get in touch with you (either an email or a webpage).
If you have questions, please ask away. I may add to the rules if situations come up that I had not thought of.
The contest will be over at midnight EST on May the 3rd.

The winner for the second set of twins to be born will get to choose between these 2 prizes. The winner for the third set will get the other. Click on the pictures to make them bigger and easier to see.
This prize is the blue bucket (I use them for porch planters), a ceramic candle with a lid (the lid has a tulip on it), a Mary Engelbreit journal, a keepsake card of needles and post it notes.

This prize is the blue bucket (I use them for porch planters), a ceramic candle with a lid (the lid has an apple on it), a Mary Engelbreit journal, a keepsake card of needles and post it notes.

I will leave you with this video of the lambs and their mama's.

34 comments: TN said...

Hi Marci, Here are some names for your lambs.

EWE and ME

ChickenMama said...

I'll mention the name contest to the kids, but then you'll get a lot of character suggestions or food. :-) Chocolate and Caramel, Cookies and Cream, Bob and Larry, Ernie and Bert, and such. Rachel really wanted to name one of the goats Ariel (the mermaid), but none of the rest of us could see that as a goat name.

If some of them stay dark, I guess you could go with Shadow and Silhouette or Twilight and Midnight. The lighter ones maybe Honey and Nectar. I need to give it more thought. Those are the ones that came to mind right away, but they are probably goofy.

The Sisters said...

Hi Marci,
What a neat idea!

Katie says- Caramel and Cocoa.

Holly says- Violet and Daisy.

VoiceInTheWilderness said...

I'd love to take part in the naming contest,I've just got nothing coming to me. Nothin' at all.

Leah Spencer said...

Left and Right

Blackie and Brownie (if the black one turns brown like you're suspecting)

Faith and Hope

Twilight and Dawn

Thunder and Lightning

Chocolate and Milk(y)

Anonymous said...

Cinder and Ella.

I will think about it more.


Anonymous said...

I thought of another:

Mel and Ody (Odie)

Have a blessed Lord's Day!


fourkid said...

My suggestion is:
Melody and Lyric


Peggy said...

For Grace's twins I like the names Faith and Hope. I just love looking at all your new additons!

Unknown said...

For the second set: Inky and Winky (or Inky and Blinky) :)

For the thrid set: Tyke and Spike (for the one with the little tuft of white hair).

Unknown said...

Oh... and I forgot this: I always thought it would be cute to name a set of lambs Knit and Purl (or Pearl. ;)

Duke said...

Kit and Kaboodle sounds good. I must say that I am not too interested in winning your prizes, I am one of your more masculine readers :)

Tracy said...

Boy, these ladies are clever!!!! I love Ewe and Me, and Knit and Purl! Mine aren't near as good: Freckles and Speckles

Anonymous said...

you got lots of naming suggestions! thanks for the comment. Tonight I actually saw Josh at the softball game. I didn't even realize it was him until Regina told me. Anyway, I head out tomorrow... can't wait to see my husband again. I would have loved to see you while i was here now that we've gotten to "know" each other online.

heatherdmc said...

Here are some good pairs:
Laverne and Shirley
Lucy and Ethel
Thelma and Louise

Anonymous said...

Marci, we tried to comment earlier, but they didn't get posted... our names are

Naomi and Ruth
Starlight and shadow
Be "ewe" ty (beauty) and Bonita
Bonita is Spanish for pretty.
"Ewe"nice (Eunice) and Lana (lana means wool in Spanish)
Linsey and Woolsey
That's all we can remember...

The neighbors

Lisa said...

Fudge and Brownie
Cinnamon and Nutmeg
Twix and Snickers
Hershey and Chocolate
Raven and Shadow
Mocha and Cocoa
Hope and Joy
Lavender and Lace
Daisy and Daffodil
Rose and Sharon
Lilly and Milly
Daisy and Maisy

Lisa said...

That last post was from me Marci, Lisa in NM. I think my Google Identity is just "Lisa". It started with Fudge and Brownie :)

Unknown said...

Linsey and Woolsey
Knit and Purl


Mary said...


I think good names for Charity's babies are Faith and Hope. It just seems to fit.

I'm not sure about Grace's babies. Mmm! That is a little harder. I do like the suggestion of Hope and Joy, because Grace, Hope and Joy just seems to go great together. The only thing I can think of is Sebastian and Mozart and those are boys names. I am going to have to think on this one. If I can think of anything that goes together for girls' names, I will be back.


Mary said...

PS. For Grace's twins, I suggest Mary and Elizabeth or Pip and Squeak. LOL

Anonymous said...

I use to love kidding and lambing time... choosing sweet names.. Here are mine even though they are not as good as yours!

Leah and Rachel
Alpha and Omega
Sooty and Jett


Anonymous said...

Megan & Morgan
Taylor & Tyler
Alma & Lama
Ambie & Lambe
Mona & Lisa


Theresa said...

For Charity's twins: Faith and Hope

Otherwise: Mercy and Marcy
Skyla and Starla
Maisy and Daisy

Judy said...

Some names to consider: Nutmeg and Cinnamon; Chloe and Zoey; Ruth and Naomi; Raven and Rebecca; Beauty and Brains. Good luck. I enjoyed your blog. Judy

foutfolk said...

Quansheeka and Quaterria

Sounds like Kwon Sheeka and Kwa tearia.

Don't you know it girl!



Lisa said...

I thought of a couple more after I posted:
Starlight & Moonbeam
Anni & Andi
Oreo & Cookie
Ruby & Sapphire
Mink & Velvet
Mink & Sable
Raven & Sable
Molasses & Clover
Eliza & Beth
Eliza & Jane
Laurel & Hardy
Okay, now I'm done. Lisa in in NM

Anonymous said...

Hi Marci, I asked some of my students for help and here are a few of the names they came up with!

cherry & Berry
Faith & Hope
Milk & Cookie
Peanut Butter & Jellly
Faithful & Graceful or Peaceful
Buttercup & Daisy
Ginger & Spice

and my favorite was
Melody & Harmony

Thanks for the fun!

Anonymous said...

Here are a few from another class;

Spot & Dot
Midnight & Moonlight
Annabelle & Isabelle
Ribbon & Lace

The kids have had a great time picking names.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marci,
Just stopping by your blog.

Amy Westbeld

Anonymous said...

I think we have met before Marci, my Mom and I got a Nubian goat from your place named Lilac.

Sharri said...

I didn't have time to read the other comments, so these may be repeats...
Licorice and Lambchop(or Liberty)
Satin and Shadow
Patience & Prudence
Dusk & Twilight
Wooly & Wonder (or Whimsy)
Mocha & Moochy

chocolate Chip & Coco
(or cookie crumb & Cappucino) :0)

best I can do right now-I'm fried! LOL

Anonymous said...

What about Chitter and Chatter.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I think because Jesus was "the lamb of god" good names for those two little critters would be "Love" and "Light". :)