Friday, May 09, 2008

Quick Trip to Check On Things

When I go out to do my chores in the mornings, I like to check on things. Here are the 3 smallest calves grazing away on the pasture. This is Knit, Purl and Psalty. I love those white noses and silver tipped ears.

Here is Pepper, Linsey and Woolsey playing Queen of the Mountain.

This is Knit. I just love her precious face.

Here is Knit and Purl in the background and then Linsey is in front of them and Woolsey in front of her.

I put this picture in so that you could click on it and make it big. If you look on the left side of the picture, you can see the curls that her wool has. This is Pepper.

Here, Knit and Purl bellied up to the feed trough with the Moms. =)

The little one facing the camera is Linsey. Woolsey has her back to me.

Yes, I am sorry, there are more Wisteria pictures. Ginny told me to take them..... =)

Here is the Dogwood in full bloom.

I noticed that the Honeysuckle is starting to bloom as well.

I loved to see the dew drops on the leaves of my bleeding heart. I was playing with my camera. I really like the last picture. That was a God thing. =)

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