Friday, May 23, 2008

50% Off New Family Video Series

How do you teach a shy daughter to go outside of herself? How do you gain a passion for evangelism and effectively witness to the lost? How do you answer critics who pit Jamestown’s providential beginnings against Plymouth’s? How do you cultivate a spirit of honor in your children?

These and other important questions are answered in Vision Forum’s new Reclaiming the Culture DVD Collection. This engaging seven-part video series — which features messages by Ray Comfort, Doug Phillips, Dr. Paul Jehle, and Geoffrey, Anna Sofia, and Elizabeth Botkin — is designed to dispel worldly myths that undermine biblical womanhood, honor, evangelism, and America’s providential history and to recapture these priorities in a way that reflects God’s Word and gives hope to our children. Watch previews online of each of the seven videos in the Reclaiming the Culture Collection.

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Now through Friday, May 30, you can purchase the Reclaiming the Culture DVD Collection, comprised of seven newly-released family DVDs, for just $52 (50% off individual retail). This comes to just $7.42 per DVD for this entire collection. Sale ends at Midnight, May 30, 2008 (CST).

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Reclaiming the Culture — DVD Summaries

Training Dominion-Oriented Daughters

How do you teach a shy daughter to go outside of herself? What kind of toys should you give your girls? Is it wise to foster romanticism or sentimentalism in your daughters? What sort of academic priorities should you set for your girls? What about hobbies? In this helpful talk, Geoff Botkin shares how he and his wife Victoria sought to answer these questions, offering a personal glimpse into how they have endeavored to wisely raise their daughters, Anna Sofia and Elizabeth, for dominion-oriented service.

What Is Biblical Femininity?

For several generations, feminists have actively subverted godly womanhood and redefined the priorities of daughters, pushing girls toward independence and indifference for the role that God has designed for them. Thankfully, many Christians are beginning to see the futility of the feminist ideal. In this powerful message, Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin seek to explain what biblical femininity is and what it is not. True femininity, they maintain, is not based on tradition, stereotypes, or romantic images from the past. Given at the Vision Forum Ministries’ Father & Daughter Retreat, this inspirational message provides hope and encouragement for ladies young and old.

We Cannot But Speak — How to Gain a Passion for Evangelism

In the first-century church, the Apostles spread the Gospel of Christ with great zeal. When pressed concerning their aggressive evangelism, Peter and John proclaimed, “For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard” (Acts 4:20). These men were on fire for God. How can we today have such zeal in witnessing to the lost? In this powerful message, evangelist Ray Comfort shares several simple yet incredibly practical biblical principles on how Christians can get on fire for God in their daily walk.

Guerilla Apologetics for the Glory of God

Much of modern evangelism in America today is based on “feel-goodism” and trendy techniques that are contrary to Scripture. Consequently, the fruit of such efforts are minimal. While such outreach may lead to scores of “decisions,” true conversions are typically few and far between. The answer: we must evangelize as Jesus did by emphasizing that all unbelievers have broken God’s Law. In this powerful message, Ray Comfort shares how Christians can effectively witness in the trenches by starting with the Ten Commandments during their Gospel presentation, showing unbelievers that they are enemies of God for breaking His standard and thus desperately in need of salvation.

Seven Foundational Elements of a Godly Estate

Every man leaves an estate, a legacy that represents his life and labors. A man’s estate my not have many hard assets, but it will have valuable spiritual assets or destructive spiritual liabilities. In this illuminating talk, Geoff Botkin shares seven foundational elements that are essential to a well-appointed godly estate. He urges men and fathers to build providential estates for their families; to make provision for the future by investing their energy and resources into worthy endeavors that will bear much fruit over time.

The Promise: The Beauty and Power of the Fifth Commandment

Is it “well with you”? If not, it may be because there are unresolved issues relating to honor in your life. “Honor your father and mother” is the first command with a promise. In this foundational message, Doug Phillips breaks down the issue of honor and addresses challenging issues such as: How do wise parents instill honor in their children? How should children respond to perverse authority in parents? In what way are adult sons and daughters to honor their living parents? How can adult children restore honor to relationships that have long been tinged by dishonor?

The Providential Nexus of Plymouth & Jamestown

Was the Jamestown Settlement founded for solely commercial purposes? Was the Plymouth Colony formed simply to establish religious liberty? In this illuminating message, Dr. Paul Jehle clears away many of the misconceptions and demonstrates that, while Jamestown and Plymouth had real differences, each had vital strengths that the other needed — and that, over time, God would providentially wove together these elements to form the greatest nation in the West.

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