Monday, May 05, 2008

Farm Livin'

The days have been so beautiful. Not too hot, not too cold, but just right. It makes you want to be outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Gone are the days of cold and gray. Spring is in full swing here on the farm. I always try to grab my camera if I am going outside. There is always something begging to have its picture taken.

I was out trying to get pictures of the lambs. I want to get some up close ones, but they are not cooperating with me. I did see this lone hen out looking for good things to eat in the sheep pasture. She might have been just passing through from the garden area back to the coop.

You may get sick of Wisteria pictures. I have always loved these plants, but never had one. I planted this one 5 years ago. I have waited patiently for it to bloom. It looks like this is my year. Everytime I go by it, you can see how the buds have grown and opened up more. I get so excited and just thank the Lord for allowing it to bloom this year.

My Dogwood is doing good also. A friend dug this up for me several years ago at the edge of her woods. It used to be about waist high. Now it is taller than I am.

I probably have more pictures of these lambs than I do the others. Pepper is my favorite. I just wish I could tame her to come to me. Sunshine will come up to me as long as no one else is around.

Here they are getting a drink. Psalty was on the other side at the same time Pepper went for this side.

This is Purl. See her little white pearls by her tail?

This is her sister, Knit with Charity their mama.

This is Linsey and Woolsey. Their mama keeps them close. It is really hard to get a picture of them.

Here is Pepper and Psalty again. Who could not love those little faces?

This is Clover my jersey heifer. I wish she was honey colored, but she was a heifer so I was thrilled.

This is Clover on the left, then Phil and then TJ.

This video gives you a tour of our chicken yard area.


Anonymous said...

just keep rubbing it in... that's it... you KNOW I don't have a wisteria... you KNOW it is my very, very favorite flower... you KNOW that I had a wisteria in every other house that I lived in but this one... keep on rubbing it in...


Anonymous said...

Well, I will admit that it is AWFULLY pretty!!! :-D

Kelly said...

An organic farmer right next door? What a treat. Are you able to buy from him?

Sharon said...

I love seeing wisteria bloom in the Spring! It is such a beautiful sight.

I enjoyed the pics of your animals too. :) Perfect names for them.

Marci said...

Listen here Missy. No one is stopping you from buying one of your own. Look how many you have had. I have one and you have to feel threatened. Go kiss a chicken!!! Drink from a straw after Willie has been around!!!!

Shaking the dust from her skirt,

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Your lambs are just sooooo cute!

I have never heard of wisteria....but I am not much of a flower/tree person, just have never learned much about them.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, I don't miss raising sheep here though! We already had dogwoods on our property before we moved to the country.

The Sisters said...

We enjoyed looking at all of your pictures! ***cute animals!!***
~Have a great day!

TnFullQuiver said...

You have finally answered a question that has been bugging me for the last 2 springs. I had never seen Wisteria before moving to Tennessee. They may grow in Ky, but I never noticed them. I have wondered if these beautiful flowers in the tree were wisteria. I had finally decided they must be, but I haven't really been for sure until I read your post and looked at your pictures. Thank you for helping me lay this question to rest!!!
grace and peace,

Sharri said...

I didn't know you had a COW named after my husband! LOL