Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Come Take An Evening Stroll With Me

I finally took the time to make a list on paper today. Normally, I list the things I want to accomplish in my brain. I then struggle to remember all the things I want to get done. So, today I wrote it all down. I had given a young friend a glass cookie jar for her hope chest. She asked me to paint on it. That was several months ago. I would see it sitting there, but my paints weren't out, or I had to do something else. Today, I decided was the day to paint it. She likes strawberries and hopes to do her kitchen in a strawberry theme. Here is what I painted. My husband said it looks good all except for it looks like it reads Gookies. =) Maybe that could mean Good Cookies!!Here are some lamby pictures. I think that Knit and Purl might turn brown. I am seeing bits of brown showing up. These first two pictures are of them. You can see it in the wool on the one on the right in the second picture.

This is Grace with Linsey and Woolsey.

Here is Psalty. He is roly poly!!!

The three smaller calves have been getting out. I don't know what I would do without my Cow Patrol. They have more than earned their crowns in heaven. Here they are all hanging out under the peach tree. Michael is just off to the right moving fence to give them more grass.

This is Phil A. Mignon. He is such a handsome fella!!!

This is an old potato planter that was left on our property. I would love to repair the seat and the wooden boxes. I would then fill the boxes with flowers.

These next two pictures are of baby oak leaves. This is one of the last trees to lose its leaves. In fact it has many dead brown ones that hang on all winter. I love the colors of the leaves as they start to grow. They are almost Autumn like.

Here is my Honeysuckle. The whole bush is full of blooms. They smell good, but are not very strong. I always thought that Honeysuckle was a vine, but it grows in bush form everywhere around here. It is considered a weed.

The Dogwood blossoms are still hanging on.

You knew I would not forget to put some Wisteria pictures up. I can't even begin to tell you what joy these blooms have brought me this Spring. The wind blows across the pasture and as you walk into or out of my house, the delicious scent of these blooms floats by you on the breeze.

Here is one of my Iris. I am not a big Iris fan. These were already planted here.

These pictures show much of the beauty around our farm. There are lots of spots, you will probably never see on my posts. I want to say again, I am a very real human being with lots of warts. I don't in anyway want to paint myself or my life as more than it is. I just choose to not share lots of the downside of our lives. Like you did not see my mention the great fall I took last Thursday when I flashed the Amish women with my bright flowery underwear. I ended up covered in mud all the way down the back of me. Sigh...... =)


Patricia said...

Marci! You are so talented! Love the cookie jar!

Unknown said...

GOOKIES! LOL! I'd be willing to bet that even if you insisted on calling them gookies, that Michael would eat them. LOL!

The wisteria is exceptionally pretty!

As for the fall: WE WANT DETAILS! (and video, if you have it...)


Marci said...

Sorry to disappoint you Ginny, but no video. I can't wait until you go there the next time. They will ask you how you are feeling after your fall. =)

Unknown said...

I love your wistera and you have a lovely farm.

Teresa said...


Beautiful pictures! You have become so good at taking photos and capturing the beauty around you.

Your fall...my first thought was "are you alright?" and then when you started to describe it I was trying not to smile and dying to know how it happened! Do tell. These things happen to us all, but it's good to keep our egos in check. How embarrassing but a bit funny too. I'm so glad you are the kind that can laugh at yourself. (otherwise you probably wouldn't have mentioned it.)

You did a GREAT job on the gookie jar. I don't actually think it looks like "gookies". In fact, I was so taken with the good job you did on the leaves that I didn't even read it until you mentioned it.

Have a great day!

TnFullQuiver said...

You paint beautifully!!! You should hold classes. If you ever get to move in this direction, sign me up for your first class. If you can teach me to paint, you could teach anybody.
I am all for add flowers to that old potato planter. Flowers add beauty wherever they appear!!
grace and peace,

Pearl said...

Hey Marci,
Thanks for the tour. I think most of us don't blog about the bad. I know that I try not too. It's not because I want everyone to think I am perfect it's because I do not want to post everything about me on a public blog.
I am so sorry about your fall but glad that you're ok. :)

Kelly said...

Oh! do it! plant flowers in the wood boxes! I think that's agreat idea. Especially since we'll all get to see pictures when you're done. I just found out that irises grow here. (We are still adapting to our new enviornment here in Tx having come from the NW where everything grows) They aren't my favorite either but... they are tall enough to hide the ugly air conditioning units on the sideo f the house. Yay!

heatherdmc said...

Wild honeysuckle!So that is what my mysterious bush is in my front yard. I'm glad that you can show us the different things you find in your yard. I have so many to learn about.

Anonymous said...

I always thought of honeysuckle as a vine too, certainly, as a kid, that was the only kind I saw. I recently found out that there are many different kinds of honeysuckle. The picture you posted looks like an Amur honeysuckle to me.