Saturday, March 08, 2008

It Smells Good In Here

This morning we had a wonderful breakfast cooked by my dear Beloved. We had eggs from our hens, bacon from our pigs and toast from homemade bread. We used up the rest of the bread, so I decided today would be a good day to make more. I made a four loaf batch of dough. I put one fourth of it in the freezer for pizza dough later and I made two loaves of bread. I took the last part and made donuts. They are fairly healthy and gives us a little sweet treat. We don't often have those around here. I used mostly olive oil to cook them in. Then they are rolled in organic cane crystals and cinnamon. I make them all different shapes just for fun.

The dogs have been laying on the rug by the fire. They like to cuddle close to any humans who get down on the floor (that would pretty much be limited to Joshua). Here are some pictures of their exciting day.

When Star wants to play ball, she will come and drop the ball in front of you. If I am in the rocker knitting or something, she will many times set the ball on my footstool. Well, I guess she thought that Joshua was spending way too much time talking and texting with Brittany, so she laid the ball on top of his phone.

Belle is a cuddler. She would stay perfectly still all day as long as you touched her. She often puts her paw on you or around you if you are on the floor. You will notice my son's winter attire.... shorts!! I have a picture of him running outside in the big snow with his shorts, a short sleeve t-shirt and his cowboy boots. =)


Mary said...


Oh, those donuts are to die for. Grandma used to make homemade cake donuts and I have made them with the grandsons, but not for a while. It's time.

Love your dogs. I am a canine lover, but only certain breeds. I tend to like the working breeds. I have an Alaskan Malamute right now and before that we had an American Eskimo. I love their personalities.

Take care and thanks so much for sharing these delightful photos.


::Mars:: said...

Oh dear! Doesn't Joshua see the snow outside?!! He must be like my younger sister who enjoys the cold weather! The snow is lovely but I can't hardly wait for spring. Marlene

Anonymous said...

Oh, I can almost smell the bread... and taste donuts. ;o)

Peggy said...

your bread looks yummy! I have plans to do some baking today, hope nothing gets in the way.

Unknown said...

The donuts look good. :-D The rolling on the floor with the dogs looks fun. ;-)