Saturday, March 08, 2008

WOW... Tons of snow and still snowing!!

Here are the updated pictures taken this morning. It is still snowing too!!! I was awakened about 4:45AM this morning. I saw a huge flash of light and then heard thunder!! We had thunder and lightning in the snow storm. That was weird. Here is the door off of our back porch. It is quite a nice step down normally. =)
I keep taking pictures of the hay bales so you can go back and watch the snow grow. =)

The pond was a weird shade of yellow this morning.

Here is the door on our front porch. The wind was really blowing. It does not normally come up on this porch as it is covered.

It is still coming down pretty good. This is another picture you can compare to previous ones I took. The wagon wheel leaning against the fence is a good measuring stick.

You can see it is alway up to the benches on the picnic table. =) Also, in previous pictures, you can see my birdbath which fell over in the big thaw. It is totally covered now.

It must have been blowing hard. This is up on the door at the back of the covered front porch.

I will post more updates as the day goes on!!! Don't forget to turn your clocks ahead tonight!!

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