Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Surrounded by so great a snow of witnesses

I think I found a secret to making warm weather come to our area. Let the Wonderful Neighbor children come and build me a snowman and it seems to warm up. They came around yesterday and I heard them outside. They built 5 snowman all around my house looking in the various doors and windows. =) This first guy was out front peeking in the front door again. They have to lean over like that to really see anything.

This guy just fell to pieces. I think the dogs must have scared him and he just fell apart. He is out another door on the front of the house.

I took this picture out a window so it is hard to see. The best I can figure is he heard something on the roof, leaned backwards to see and went to far and fell over. He was out the side of my house.

This guy stood his ground the longest. He was right outside my back door. He was the faithful sentinel.

This guy was peeking in my office window. I think he heard a jet fly over and he too leaned back to far. Now he is beside himself. =) See his hand reaching up for help. Poor boy.

After yesterday and today warming up to over freezing, they are melting away. I will try and get pictures again tomorrow. It sounds like it is raining out there right now, so there might not be much left.


Kelli said...

What a cute and fun thing your neighbors did for you, Marci! I hope the snow continues to melt and spring arrives soon!

Unknown said...

LOL! What a sorry bunch... ;-) Can't they sit up for just a little while longer? LOL!

LadySnow said...

Too funny!

Peggy said...

As much as I am enjoying our spring type weather I would love to have some of your snow!!