Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rainy Day In Ohio

Today it almost made it to 50 degrees. That is a real heatwave around here. We still have little piles of snow where it got piled up really deep. The next couple of pictures show you some of the left over piles from plowing our driveway. They are dirty and yucky looking now.
There is a little bit out on the hill by the barn. If you look at the lower left hand corner of this picture you will see a chicken high tailing it back around the house. They aren't supposed to be in the front yard and they know I get after them. This hen saw me coming and took off. =)

Now, we have mud season. We really don't mind mud season as long as it comes, stays its time and then moves on to green summer. You can see the mud and the puddles on our driveway. It has been raining and we won't complain. After the drought we had last year, we are thankful for all the moisture the ground is soaking up. The pond is full and overflowing.
This afternoon, Michael took the 5 wethers (sheep) to the butcher. They are all for someone else. Three of the Wonderful Neighbor children came over to help him round them up. They enjoy it and Michael loves the help and company. I would have had to help him, but I was in working on supper, so they volunteered. I want to tell you what a blessing it is to live next door to them. They truly have servants hearts and are always looking for ways to bless us or make our life easier!!!

I reached a point on my toddler sweater that I had to stop and start on the sleeves. I sure hope this turns out. I am praying and asking God who I should give it to. My Mom used to make lots of crocheted items and give them to people. I wanted to do a small sweater to start with, so that I could get done sooner and build some confidence. This is the body part of the sweater that I have done.

Here is the start of the first sleeve. This is the first time I worked with a bunch of double pointed needles at the same time. It is taking some getting used to.

I cooked one of our delicious home raised broilers today. I picked it off the bone and put a large portion of it aside for sandwiches. I made an Alfredo sauce with butter, flour, parmesian cheese, and milk. I sauted a bunch of peppers I froze from our garden last year. It is a wide rainbow of colors. (I am trying to use up what I put up last year). I put garlic and onion in with them. Then I added the chicken and stirred the sauce over it. We will eat it over noodles. YUM!!!! A supper fit for royalty!!!


Jthemilker said...

That sounds REALLY yummy!

Teresa said...

I laughed about the chicken running from you...and no wonder! That chicken dish sounds delicious.

I'm glad that you are doing the Monday blessing again. I clicked on everyone's links and greatly enjoy hearing what we count as our blessings.

YOU are a blessing, Marci.

Enjoy mud season!


LadySnow said...

Dinner sounds Delicious! And...the sweater is looking very nice. :D

Sharon said...

It looks like you are doing just fine with your knitting! Isn't it relaxing?! I love to knit!

Unknown said...

The knitting looks very nice, darling. I wish I could put pictures up of the lakes and rivers running through our property right now...