Sunday, March 02, 2008

A Warmer Day On The Farm

Today was a very warm day. It was up to 54 degrees. We have been waiting on a day like this. Our chimney needed cleaned again. The fire has not been breathing right. It was supposed to get down to 15 last night, but I don't think it got that cold. We warmed the house up this morning and then have just let the fire go. Where does one hire a chimney sweep? What are the well dressed chimney sweeps wearing this year? Well, we found one that works for cheap.... If he wants to eat dinner, he can clean out the chimney. No, actually he volunteered to do the dirty deed. Joshua is our chimney sweep. You can see his lovely outfit and shoes he chose to wear. =) He has been talking in a British accent saying things to the dog calling her lovey and poppet. I guess he is really getting into the role. =)

He is now out there with the shop vac, sucking up cinders. Maybe he wants to be Cinderella now. =) What would the male version of that be? How about Cinderfella?

With the warm temperatures, the snowmen lost their sight and ability to smell. Joshua said his snowman has holes in its neck. =) We are going to bring the hats in as they won't stay on their heads.

I was talking to a friend about friendship and what it really is. There are different levels of friendship. Some are really just acquaintances. Some are a little bit more than that, but still not what you would call a good or close friend. Then we have some good friends and if you are truly blessed you will have some very dear friends that will be your friend for life. Many people go an entire lifetime with maybe only one really dear friend. Some are blessed with more than one. My dear sweet Mother-in-love has a group of ladies that she has met with about once a week for years. They have played with each other, worked with each other, prayed for each other and their families, and cried together. There is a real sisterhood there. When tragedy strikes one, they all gather around her. When there is great joy, they share it together. They made a commitment and their husbands backed them up to allow them to get together. They had to trust each other and open up and make themselves vulnerable. I have friends like that, but not a group of friends. There are times in a friendship where things bother you. Some you have to get over. Others you need to talk about with that person. I truly believe that this is one way a bond is built. If you know that your friend will come to you if you have hurt, offended or stepped over the boundaries, then you feel secure in that friend. The working through the situation is part of a bonding process. Think about when you first got married. It was pure bliss, but after a couple of weeks, were there things that kind of irritated you? You both came from different homes and did things different ways. There needs to be compromise and talking through things. As you went through this process your love grew. I have a very dear friend that lives in Washington state. We have not seen each other since September of 1976. Yet, we are still friends and still love to hear from each other. I have several very dear friends for which I am so grateful. Do you have any of those lifelong friends? What makes a friendship dear to you?


Anonymous said...

Josh, Gary puts the brush up the chimney, tapes a garbage bag to the pipe and then makes a little hole in the bag and attaches the brush. Works good and not too much of a mess when all is done. While brushing most of the cinders fall in the bag. You just have to be careful that the brush doesn't get loose from the pole and gets stuck in the chimney.

Peggy said...

William is my Chimney sweep. He does a pretty good job so will keep him around. :)

Patricia said...

True friendship is hard to find. I am blessed to have a true friend who is like my sister as well as other "friends". :0) How wonderful it wold be to have a group of close Christian women!