Friday, July 27, 2007

What Are You Choosing?

I was laying in bed last night thinking. My husband has the gift of falling asleep quickly. I do not have that gift. When there is a lot going on, then I lay there even longer... thinking... praying... sometimes worrying (yes, I know that is a sin)... There are a lot of different things going on in our family and extended family right now. It gives me lots to ponder and think on. It gives me even more to pray about.

One of the lines I was thinking along was about choices in our lives. We all have choices to make every day. We can choose what is easiest at the moment, what is most comfortable for us, or even choose what is the best way as a Christian. How many of us, really uses that last way on a regular basis? I think of people who turn their noses up at healthy and whole foods. That is their choice. They sometimes make comments like "We are all going to die at sometime or other." I wonder if they would still say that if their child lay there with cancer or some other horrible painful disease. Then I immediately think... "What things in my life am I treating in this way?" I don't want to concentrate on the other people, but use what I see in their lives to evaluate my own life. I want to make wise spiritual choices, not ones based on my lusts. We all have blind spots and we all have spots we pretend we are blind in. Another thing I hear is "It is too hard to feed a family healthy food. We can't afford it." Yet, I see their money going for other things that are not essential to living. That is their business and their choice. What in my life mirrors those types of decisions. Several of the people I have heard that last statement from say they do not have time to cook from scratch, etc. They are too busy. Yet, if you ask them to go garage saling for the day or go shopping or some other thing they like, there is suddenly large blocks of time. Again, it is a choice. Am I too busy with self centered things that I am not making wise choices somewhere else in my life? Lord, search me and know me and show me anything that needs to change in my life. Renew me daily. Let my choices be because they are the best choice in Your eyes. Help me to think spiritually in everything that I do. Don't let me default to my regular habits.

Maybe tomorrow I will answer a question that I have been asked recently by a couple of people... How do you know what is the best way (regarding healthy eating, etc) when one "expert" tells you one thing and another "expert" tells you that is wrong. Now mind you, it will be only my opinion since I am not an expert. =)

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Sharon said...

I am so glad you commented! I somehow lost your blog when we switched to a new computer and I couldn't even remember the title of your blog. *BLUSH*
I enjoyed visiting you and will have to catch up now.

I admire farmers and although my family could stand to eat a bit healthier, I have come to a conclusion about the health craze:

Moderation! Also, I feel that if my grandparents ate REAL food including all the fat in it (whole milk, real butter, real cheese, etc), and lived to be in their 80's and 90's, why can't I? One reason is that they worked hard and all my ancestors were mostly farmers. We rarely eat out. I cook all our meals every day. I try to cook everything from scratch (mostly).

But, I feel that if we ask God to bless whatever we are eating (in moderation - not being gluttons), that He will keep us safe and healthy. We do have a part in making wise choices. Sometimes, I don't make the wisest choices; especially when I'm tired and just don't feel like cooking.

Sorry to be long-winded. I just feel that in this country people go too far one way or the other. Sticking with the basics and what has been around for centuries is usually the best choice. (The Old Paths)

Okay, I'll be quiet now.

Have a blessed weekend! I'm putting you in my favorites.