Tuesday, July 24, 2007


We had another young person baptized by their Dad on Sunday. We as adults need to be sure we are encouraging and exhorting them to walk as the Lord would have them walk.
After the baptism there were lots of things going on. Here was a small baseball game between one of our wee friends and my husband. He was trying to hit her bat with the ball. =)
This is a tire swing they have in a tree out in front. They are building a house, so they were using the pile of trusses to step on and swing off of.
A bunch of us were sitting around just talking. One of the young men had camped out with Joshua on our property the night before. He was on his way over to our house and he said something flew into his window and hit his seatbelt and then hit the window behind his head really hard. It was dark, so he figured it was a bat. When he got to our driveway he stopped and opened his door got out and was looking for the bat to make sure it got out of his truck. He couldn't find it. He went ahead stopped by the house and picked up Joshua and they headed out back. Later he went to go get something in his truck and saw this sitting on the passenger seat. Evidently, it hit the window and bounced over on the seat beside him. He had been looking behind and under his seat. My son had sat on it and not even known it. They took it, after showing it to us, and hung it on the bark of a tree right there. Several of the smaller children would come over, not knowing the story , and say... LOOK, there is a bat!!!! =) We would all act surprised.
I only have one sunflower growing this year that I
know of. =( It is not blooming yet. This is at the neighbor's house. I LOVE sunflowers.
We were coming home from town on Monday and got near home and had to stop. The farmer was moving his cows from one field, across the road to another pasture.

Guess who was attacking the sprinkler again? =)


Ron and Ginny said...

EEEEWWWW!!!! I feel faint! Oh! Oh! Where are my smelling salts?!?! Oh Oh Oh I have got a serious case of the willies over that BAT! OOHH!! I need to go lie down. #-(

Tina Leigh said...

That little girl is sooo cute! At dusk the bats come out here like crazy & you can see them swooping in & out from around the pecan trees. I think they are kind of neat but then I am a WEIRD one! lol! Aint it wonderful knowing that God is still in the life changing buisness! Wonderful!!!

Kim said...

I have to laugh at "ron and ginny's" comment. Bats swoop us at the lake all the time. As long as no one was bitten or scratched, bats carry rabies.

Lady_MSnow said...

It's great to hear about another being baptized. But..the bat...that is so gross!

Ladyfromthewoods said...

When I said, "oh, goodness!" after reading about the bat, Crissy came over to see the pictures. Then she asked about the cows crossing the road. When I told her what they were doing, she seemed disappointed.(?) Then she said, "I thought that maybe they had just been found and I would take them if they didn't have a home." Gotta just love how their minds (and hearts) work!