Saturday, July 14, 2007

Friends, Flora, Fauna & Mei-Ling

We got an update from Pat on wee Mei-Ling... "More specialists, more tests. Mei-Ling seemed a little better to us today, of course we are searching for any sign of improvement. She smiled a couple times, her fever never went above 101, and her color looked a bit better to us. She is eating well, sleeping more restful but still not herself. They cultured her blood today so they can treat the infection the best way. Poor little one is so sad looking, you can tell she hurts. The chaplain has been in every day to pray for the baby and for Casi and Melanie. The babies kidney function is not great right now, so that worries them some. It's so strange that when Melanie had all her ultrasounds, and some were very high tech, they never saw anything wrong. Matter of fact they told Melanie and Casi, all the organs looked great, so they are requesting those records so they can look at the pictures."
Please keep this whole family in your prayers!!
We used to work with the College & Career class at a big church in Florida. There was a handful of those young people who we really became attached to. They were almost like our children or at least like nieces and nephews. We still keep in touch with most of that small handful. One of them is now married, lives in Illinois and pastors a church. He and his family came by for a brief visit. They went to the new Creation Science Museum in Cincinnati. Then they were on their way to Michigan, so they stopped by and spent the night at our house. We had only met their oldest son and he was really young at the time. They have been wanting to visit "the farm" for a long time. They got to hunt for eggs, feed calves a bottle, try to pet baby lambs and play on the hay. We hope they had a good time. Here is a picture of them we took right before they left this morning.
I have been wanting a Black Eyed Susan plant forever. I planted several and they just did not do well. This year, when the neighbor girl weeded my flower bed, she found what we both thought was an Echinacea. However, it was the only Black Eyed Susan to survive. It is opening up with its first blooms.
We had to run into town really quickly after our friends left. On the way home, we came upon a field of alfalafa with two tiny little fawns eating. The one bounded across the road in front of us an disappeared into the woods. This one watched as we stopped. The camera was in the trunk, so my husband got out. The fawn moved away a little ways, but then went back to eating. Then Michael whistled at it, to try and get it to look up for him and it did. Once we started moving the car, it too, ran in front of us and into the woods.


Ron and Ginny said...

Aww! What a good shot of the fauna! :-D

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Cute little fawn but then they grow up to be a nuisance!

Tina Leigh said...

I love black eyed susans. we have some that grow here in the fall...well just down the road from here. The deer are so cute...I call them little goats. They act just like goats.