Wednesday, July 25, 2007

How Many Children Do You Have?

We live in an area of the country where to have a large quiverful (many children) in a family is the norm and viewed as a blessing. We too view it that way and in no way want to take away from their blessings. However, there have been a few times I was looked down on when asked how many children I have and I answer one. If they asked my how many I would love to have, I would say 12 or more, but God chose to give me one and I am so grateful for that one. A friend told me to go over to a blog and watch the following video. I cried like a baby. I have been barren for 28 years (my blessing is adopted which makes him more special) and I do believe that this area of my life has been dealt with. I have lots of friends that share their babies and children with me for which I am so grateful, but to hold a newborn or little one close is truly bittersweet for me. I wouldn't miss it for the world, but it sure does tug at me way down deep. I don't know who this singer is, but her song is beautiful.


Kimmers said...

Do you have an email address? I wanted to respond to this post but only to you. If you would not mind me emailing you my story, I know the Lord could use you in my life!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I saw this on another post and really made me appreciate what I have!

Kim said...

I have the same song posted on my blog. Thank you for sharing your heart.

Kaylene said...

you have a really cute blog.

This video gave me the chills. I have thought the exact thought of "what would I give someday to have what those women kill". I say someday because I'm 17 and don't think I'll have kids too soon, yet its still an issue so close to my heart. thats for sharing this.