Sunday, July 15, 2007

Gardens & Mei-Ling

I got another update on Mei-Ling I want to share with you. Here is what Pat wrote... "Wonderful news, Mei-Lings fever is gone, the antibiotics are chasing away the infection and by an amazing miracle, the holes in her heart are just tiny pin holes, almost completely sealed up, something just a month ago said would not happen ! The cardiologist last month said she would just grow bigger and they would be less of a problem but that they would not seal up since they were bigger than the kind that seals up in time. She is improving, keeping her food down too. Now we just need to pray for her kidney to be healthy. Prayers still needed."

Here are some flowers I picked from beside my house. I forget what they are called. I got two cucumbers off my pickling cucumber vine. I am so thrilled since the vine does not look so good. I planted twelve cucumber plants and only 2 are alive and one is iffy. =)
I went through the garden and took some pictures of what is growing there. These are some slicing tomatoes. I am SO ready for tomatoes to be ripe. I did not even see a hint of orange in the garden.
These are the Amish paste tomatoes. They are a roma type, but they get huge.
Here is a small bunch of the mesculan mix of lettuce I planted. This bunch came up so well, but most of the seed did not come up at all.
I am not sure if these are hungarian hot wax or banana peppers. I forgot where I planted each kind.
These are some of the bell peppers. There are lots of peppers out there, but none of them are large enough to pick yet. Here in Ohio, many people call these Mangos. They have no idea there is really a fruit called a Mango.
These are our cherry tomatoes. We love to munch on them while we are out working in the garden.
These are Roma tomatoes.
These next few pictures are of the blackberries growing around our barn. They are HUGE!!!

Here is a bloom on our Bee Balm plant.
I loved this picture of the sun rays coming up over the trees and roof line of the barn.


Ron and Ginny said...

Beautiful pictures! You are blessed with those blackberries! :-D

Kelli said...

Your plants are doing so well, Marci!! I can't believe how many blackberries you have..they look delicious!! How old are your plants? Benjamin has one that is 2 years old and he just got a few berries this year.


Kim said...

Wow, my garden didn't do so well, I put it in a different spot this year and it fizzled. Gonna move it back next year.

Lady_MSnow said...

Growing up in Indiana...we always called them mangoes too. :)

ChickenMama said...

I think the flowers are Phlox- at least they look like the ones I had.

The beetles have finished off the blackberries here, but we had a nice batch again this year too. Meant to get some pictures of the kids picking them. Maybe next year.