Sunday, September 24, 2006

What are These Plants?

This one grows mostly on the edge of the woods. It has a bright yellow flower and the flowers work their way up the stem to the end.

This is a weed at the edge of the woods. There are clusters of red berries.

This one looks very similar to iron weed, except the flowers are white. I have never heard of white iron weed though.

If you can help me identify these plants, I would sure appreciate it.


Kelli said...

Hmm....the first thing that came to mind when I saw the red berries was "Pokeberries." I had some growing in my yard a few years ago and pulled them up since they are posionous!

Marci said...

I do have pokeberry plants, but their berries are a deep purple. Thanks for trying though. I will have to go to an Ohio wildflower site on line or something.

Emily said...

Hi Marci! The plant in the middle photo with the red berries looks like False Solomon's Seal to me. We have lots of that around our area. I don't recognize the others, sorry! God's blessings to you! :)