Thursday, September 21, 2006

Gourds, Seeds & Strawberries

We went to my Aunt's funeral yesterday. It was truly a celebration of her life. There were a lot of the family there that we don't see very often. It was good to see them and hug their necks.

There was a possibility of a frost last night. We did not get home in time for us to bring anything in. I went out this morning to see if there was damage. I don't believe that we actually got a frost, although it was chilly. I went out today and cut off the heads of some of my sunflowers. I will remove the seeds from many of these. We will eat some of the seeds and other seeds will be bird food for the winter. I still have quite a few heads to cut off the stems. I need to find a place to sit them.

I bought some strawberry plants from a friend in Maine this spring. I was just growing them in pots, since my strawberry bed was never tilled. My Mom had a terra cotta strawberry planter that was not being used. My Dad brought it to me the last time he came up here. I have planted the plants in it and they are thriving. I am wondering if I should bring it in for the winter or just leave it outside. I would hate to kill the plants.

I did bring one birdhouse gourd and one luffa gourd in the house. I am not sure how or where I will put them to dry. It would be great to hang them somewhere so that the air circulates all the way around them.

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Lady_MSnow said...

I know when a funeral is more of a "celebration" it makes it Joyous in a since. There are tears shed, but I know at Gpa George's funeral this past year it was a sweet time for family to hear others speak of Gpa and their love for him. I am glad you made it back safely and I am glad that nothing of your "crop" was damaged due to the cold weather.