Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fog and Spider Webs

We woke up to a morning shrouded in mystery. When we looked out the window, we could not see the barn. A heavy fog had settled in overnight. Pretty soon, you could see a light beginning in the east. The sun was trying to challenge and chase off the dampness and thickness of the fog. They were going to compete. The sun eventually won, but the fog left everything damp and dripping as if to remind us it was here.
The first picture above is a spider web drenched in dew drops. It twinkled and sparkled in the sun. I think lots of spiders were out doing their work under cover of the fog. I am not sure what kind of spider made the web in the next picture, but it too was covered in dew drops. Maybe it is a spider hostel... The Dew Drop Inn. =) These webs were everywhere. It looked as if the sheep had been romping and left tufts of their wool lying all over the grass and on the weeds. The third picture if you click on it and make it bigger shows that there were all sizes of these webs and they really were everywhere you looked.

The dogwood is so showy and beautiful in the spring with it's heart shaped petals on the flowers. However, it is also showy in the fall. It puts forth these bright red berries to share its bits of color with God's masterpiece of colors. It looks as though the berries have dripped bits of color onto the edges of the leaves as they become a rosy pink.

The last picture is of my echinacea. Most of them are dead and brown, but this one plant keeps giving me new flowers. The sedum behind it is finally turning from the white into a beautiful pale pink.


sidulrike said...

very beautiful! we woke up to a bit of fog on the river this morning as well and I think the beauty of it is our compensation for knowing that autumn is coming!
Wasn´t the Dew Drop Inn at Walton´s Mountain? lol.. I´ll have to show the pictures of the spider webs to my daughter in the morning, she´s been appreciating the gorgeous art the spiders are weaving in our yard this year!

GP said...

Greetings, must be in the air :) Here in Montana, the temps went from a balmy 87 to 47... in one day. Rain, webs on trees and when the Fish Creek fog finally lifted, we could see G-d shed his grace on the mountains... SNOW!