Friday, September 22, 2006

Log Cabin

When we moved here, there was a log cabin in the woods. The children of the family we bought the property from had built it. It has a loft in it and a lean-to on the back of it. They played in it often. My neighbor children now use it regularly to play in. They dream of Little House on the Prairie days and cowboys and indians. I am thrilled that I have this little cabin. It is a place that children love to come and play, but it also shows what can be done with a little imagination. There are paths through the woods, and some of those near the cabin are lined with rocks. In the summer, you can't be seen from the road or the house. It is a secluded setting to pretend that you live in the wilds. I know several of you and your children are doing Prairie Days and dressing up like Laura and Mary. I thought I would share my little cabin with you. Come and visit and you can have a place to act out your dream!!!

The first picture is of the front of the cabin. Just inside the door if you would look up, there is a trap door to the loft.

The second picture is of the back of the cabin with the lean-to showing.

Then there is a side view and the cooking area.


Karen said...

This cabin looks like a wonderful place to play in! I can see why your neighbor's children enjoy playing there.


Lucy said...

I wish I could play in it !!What a treasure !! Thanks for sharing it

Patty said...

Oh Marci, how funny you posted these pictures today !
If I come visit you, I want to stay in the cabin : )
What a great little play house and so creative.
Just love it and love that you posted it today, after my dream last night

Peggy said...

I want to come play in the cabin! What a fun place for your neighboring children to play and make memories

sidulrike said...

What an awesome log cabin! I know that if I lived within a mile or two of you where my child would be :-D

Mrs. Pivec said...


First, thank you for stopping by my place and for leaving such kind comments. I like it over here too!:) I will be posting you in my links (which I should have done a long time ago anyway, since you are already in my bookmarks!).

The cabin is TOO cool. I agree with other commenters. I think the children would have to fight with me over playing in it!

I love the pictures on your blog - especially of the fog and spider webs and the ones your dad sent of the squirrels.

Your aunt looked like such a kind and cheerful lady. I love that she boasted in the Lord! Surely, she is enjoying herself at the heavenly banquet! :)

Have a blessed weekend.
~ Nicole

Lady_MSnow said...

I had forgotten about the cabin! I am glad the "neighbors" are having fund using the cabin. I know they have great imaginations!

Revee said...

First there were the oooo's and ahhhh's from the girls and then, as soon as I read teh part about visiting, I had a chorus chime in about,"Oh can we please visit Miss. Marci, Mama???!!!! Please, oh please!!!" LOL. We'll have to find a way to make it back up to your area, Marci!!

I love the cabin - it's very rustic and to know kids have been playing in it for years - how very fun. :)

I want to play, too!!.

Kelli said...

Dear Miss Marci,
I love the pictures of your little log cabin. I like the little cooking pot outside hanging from the tree branch. I wish we could come play in it soon! Thank you for showing it to us!
Love, Emily

Dear Miss Marci,
I really want to visit your log cabin! I love the little cooking area and the woodpile. I hope I get to see it someday! Thank you for posting the pictures for us!

Marci, we had lots of oooh's and ahhh's around here too! Your log cabin is so charming and wonderful! I woud love to come play in it too! Thank you for sharing the photos with us!! You are so sweet!


Ladyfromthewoods said...

The pictures are so enchanting that now I want to take time off from my home-building and clean out my own little cabin on our farm. But first thing's first...

Besides, I know that a big, fat, gray squirrel would be very upset with me if I tried to clean out his cabin right now!

Do you ever just go into it yourself and tidy and "play house" yourself? I bet you do when you actually have a chance to!