Sunday, September 24, 2006

Tramp Through the Woods

This picture is where you go into the woods. It's hard to tell that it is the beginning of a pathway. There are a couple of other entrances, but this is the most used one. You see a couple of our apple trees in the foreground.

This is an actual wee tiny maple tree. It was at the most 5 inches high. It has already changed its colors to a brilliant red to stand out on the floor of the woods. It is warning people that it is there and please step lightly around it.

This picture is looking up through the canopy of the trees. The trees down below are changing their colors, but they have a very thin coat. I think they are so thinned out because they don't get that much sun down in the woods.

Here is a picture of the cabin from a distance. I was out there checking the cabin. We had bad storms last night with lots of wind. The storm caused some damage. The neighbor children and I will have to do repairs.

This is where we come out of the woods. The colors were much more dramatic than this picture shows. The sun was shining, the clouds were dark and it was a bit dark around us. I loved the contrasts.

I have more pictures from our walk that I will post in a separate post. I am wanting to know what the plants are. So, if you know your plants and wildflowers, help me out. =)


Kelli said...

Beautiful photos! I love the pathway to the woods picture and the baby maple tree is too sweet!
Happy fall!

Lady_MSnow said...

Wonderful photographs Marci. I am getting so excited to see the leaves changing!

Mrs. Pivec said...

I can't help you with the plants, but I surely did enjoy your walk! It has me reminiscing about my northern home... :)

Happy Autumn to you!