Friday, September 08, 2006

Lessons in Nature

Oh, the lessons we can learn when we look all around us in the world. These are my sunflowers. Remember how tall and straight they stood. The one was at least 11 feet tall. Its face was looking at the sun. We are to stand straight and tall as children of the King and keep our face to the Son. Then a vine (the birdhouse gourd vine) began to grow and was not pruned. It began to coil around the stalks of those sunflowers. Its fruits began to grow and get bigger and heavier to carry around. Because it was left unchecked, it has brought the tall proud sunflowers down low. It has killed some of them by breaking the stem. Oh, think of how a wee little sin will sprout in our hearts. We don't think it is that bad. We don't allow the Master Gardener to prune it. It continues to grow and coil itself around us. The fruits of that sin begin to grow and weigh us down with the guilt. Pretty soon, we are brought low or even broken. Let's ask the Master Gardener to prune all those little sprouts while they are little. Let's repent of them. Repent means to turn and go in the exact opposite direction.

These two pictures remind me to bloom where I am planted. This little sunflower seed was dropped off by itself. It could have never flourished because after all, it was not over with those of like mind and looks. However, that is not where it got placed. It decided to go ahead and do what God intended for it to do... BLOOM. Also, maybe because it is not over with its like kind, it was spared from being strangled by the birdhouse gourd vine. The second of these pictures is of one of the birdhouse gourds. It is all alone hanging suspended in the compost bin. However, that did not hinder it from growing and maturing. Many times we feel so all alone in our convictions or beliefs or trials or whatever. However, that is where we are in life. We need to do what God intended for us to do... to BLOOM, to grow, to mature, to do the task that He has given us. Many times people say that they are not sure what God would have them to do. I always tell them to get back to the basics. Are you a Wife?... The Bible gives good instruction on what to do. Are you a Mom? Again, the Bible gives instruction. Once we are faithful in the basics that He has given us, He will entrust us with more.

This picture is of one of my luffa gourds. If you look really close there is a praying mantis on it. Many of these gourds have started to grow and then they die. This one has kept in the sheltering protection of the leaves and seems to be growing. We can look at the guidelines that God has given us as a fence that keeps us trapped from all the fun things of the world. Or, we can see it as a sheltering protection that will allow us to flourish. I often times am reminded of a fence. We can look at it as a barrier to going out and beyond it, or look at it like a safe haven. You can go anywhere you want within this fence and be safe. I could get a bit cocky here and say that the gourd has someone praying for it, but I won't go there. =)

My friend came over for a short visit this afternoon. Her and I sat out in the yard and watched her two youngest play, while the two oldest got busy in the garden. I thought I was about done. Praise the Lord for the bountiful harvest He has given us this year. I will have to figure out what I will make with this new batch.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoy reading all your comments and visiting your blogs.


Lady_MSnow said...

Great post Marci!

Moobear said...

After much time I feel I know what God intends for me to do. It is a form of freedom inside me. I enjoyed reading your site today, as I always do, but today it was special to me! Thank you.

God Bless

Happymama said...

That was a wonderful application with the sunflower. I enjoyed it so much.


Kelli said...

Very inspiring post! YOu have a wonderful way with words and I enjoy your posts very much. I also enjoy your beautiful photos!
Kelli TN said...

Thanks Marci, wonderful post today.

sidulrike said...

Isn´t it funny that your one sunflower picked that spot to grow? I´m not sure the other ones are wasted though, your gourds might not be able to flourish if they couldn´t grab onto them for support and now that the sunflowers are lower down to the ground the smaller critters in your garden will be able to snack on the seeds as well - who knows what that´s good for :-D
Beautiful pictures as always, thank you for sharing!
p.s., the lines on the colorwash cross quilt on my blog were quilted to seem like rays, isn´t that beautiful?

Emily said...

Hi there Marci! I've just been catching up on your posts and I'm really appreciating the spiritual lessons you've been sharing. Sometimes I feel like that li'l ol' gourd in the compost! :) We have been treated to the beautiful sight of goldfinches feasting on our sunflowers. They are almost the same color scheme so the flowers provide great camouflage for them. And the chickens get to eat what falls on the ground! God's blessings to you!