Sunday, December 11, 2011

We Lost Our Friend

We lost our beloved friend on Saturday.  She was the best dog ever.  We have had Star as long as we have had a farm.  She was Joshua's best buddy and companion for many years.  He got her when he was 13 years old.  We have some puppy pictures of her, but none on the computer, so you won't see those.  Joshua got her when she was just 6 weeks old.  She loved to be with us and would go out faithfully and help with chores.  

She was a true Momma.  She raised 2 litters of pups, but would mother any baby animal.  She helped us raise 4 different pups.  She put up with a lot with each puppy.  We tried to shield her some with Skye as she was getting older.  We had baby kittens one time and the mother cat was not around.  Star laid on her side in the yard for a long time and let those kittens pretend to nurse.  She loved when we got baby chicks.  She would tremble with excitement.  If you put one down or held it up to her, she was so gentle and would just lick them.  She was sweet with baby calves, goats, and sheep as well.  

Her favorite game was playing with a tennis ball.  When we still lived in Florida, Josh would throw the ball and she would go after it.  Then he would take off in the other direction and hide.  She always found him and knew all his best spots.   

She was obedient and would come even if you called her while she was chasing a rabbit.  She stayed in her own yard and did not cause problems.  She loved children and was always gentle with them.  

She will be missed greatly and the hole in our lives is a big one.  We are grateful for the 14 good years we had with her.  Thank you Lord for the blessing of Star.  Here are some pictures of her.  

Star with Skye

With Skye

Playing with Skye

She was gentle even in the tug of wars she had with Skye

We taught her to "Bow to the Queen" and she would bow down.  Here she is covered in snow.

She loved her tennis ball.  When Michael would bring home a new canister of them, she was in hog heaven!

Star is on the left.  Her daughter Belle is in the middle and Dixie is on the right.

Here she is sleeping with Dixie.  Now, they are both sleeping side by side up on the hill.

She was gentle with kittens.

She was so expressive.

This was her boy.  They loved each other.

Here she is looking down at baby chicks and trembling.  She loved to just watch them. 

This is Rebel.  He was the first pup she raised and then she had her 2 litter of pups by him.

She loved to look out the window. 


Lynn Bartlett said...

Lots of good memories. Thanks for sharing them with us. It's such a gift from the Lord to have a wonderful dog. TN said...

She was beautiful Marci. I can see why you loved her. You can see the good traits in her eyes. She will remain in your heart.

Anonymous said...

What a great memorial in pictures. She really was a great dog and best friend to you both. I miss her and didn't spend much time with her. I'm glad you have Sky. Love you both Karen

heatherdmc said...

Wonderful pieces of life that you are sharing. God gives us these companions that show their love to bring out the love in us.

Anonymous said...

Oh Marci my dear friend I am in tears just looking at these. I am so sorry. She was such a fantastic companion.
In Him Always,

Teresa said...

I am so sorry for your heartbreak. A good dog can be a best friend in ways that people can not match. My heart goes out to you and all who will miss her.
~ t.

Sarah said...

So sorry for your loss. You don't have to be human to be a part of a family. I know you will miss your girl. Your pictures were so sweet.

Sharon said...

Oh Marci, I'm so sorry to hear of Star's passing. I enjoyed reading about her and seeing the pictures. She looks like she was such a sweet dog!

It's not the same, but you'll always have the wonderful memories. I know it hurts. ((Hugs my friend))

Kristen R. said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Star!!!! She was a special dog and I am so sorry for your loss... I have many memories of her, she truly was an amazing dog...

Kristen R.