Saturday, December 03, 2011

Winter Farm Life

We have been having some heavy frosts.  The wood stove is cranked up and being fed regularly.  It feels good to stay indoors.   We have had a couple of days of sunshine.  

Josh & Britt moved this week.  They are already down there.  He will be working with her dad and she will once again be near her family.  We will miss them.
Star is still with us, but is truly winding down.  It has been hard to think of our house without her.  We got her when she was 6 weeks old.  She belonged to my son.  They were best buddies growing up together.  She still has those same warm golden brown eyes.  Oh how we will miss her.  She has been the best dog ever.  Skye seems to understand something is going on.  She has been pretty gentle with Star.  We watch her closely because just in playing she could hurt Star. 

We are drying Honey off.  It is much earlier than we want to, but she is sort of drying herself off.  She is bred and I am hoping for a little heifer calf in May.  I would sure love to have a cow in milk year round though.  The cows are all getting a wooly coat and enjoying the cooler temps.  The 2 calves are now in with the cows.   

I am hoping the ram is doing his job.   We used a registered Shetland this year.  I am hoping for some ewe lambs.  Three of my ewes he will be breeding are registered as well.  The sheep are loving this colder weather.   

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