Friday, December 09, 2011


Today, I am old.  :)  Actually, I have been old a long time.  This birthday is so different than most.  It is overshadowed by Star.  She is still with us.  She does not appear to be in pain and is eating very little and drinking some water.  We won't be going anywhere because we don't want to leave her alone.  We are truly surprised she is still with us and feel blessed for the extra days.  
I have gotten lots of Facebook wishes and some phone calls already.  I have received several gifts before today.  My friend Sharri had surgery on Wednesday and she made sure she sent me something before that.   I also got a beautiful gift from a Sister-in-law.  
It is going to be very cold here tonight.  They are predicting 17° tonight and 15° tomorrow night.  We have been blessed with a pretty mild late Fall early Winter so far.  I won't be complaining.  

I am hoping to get another camera soon and then I will have more pictures.  I did get my camera to turn on this morning and I caught part of the sunrise.  


Hidden Haven Homestead said...

Wishing you a peaceful birthday. I know how much your doggie means to you and am glad he isn't in pain. He is truly blessed to have you in his life and giving him the love and support he needs as he ends this journey.

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Marci! Hope your day was very nice. Lovely sunrise. Stay warm!
Star is so sweet's so sad that she is sick.

Teresa said...

Happy birthday day, Marci! You're 35 today, right? Since leaving FB, I no longer have that automatic reminder, but I have you written on my calendar so I would remember to wish you a very happy birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day. ~ t.

Marci said...

Try reversing your numbers, Teresa. :)

Patricia said...

I am so sorry about Star and know how much you will miss having her around. She blessed you so much!
Such abittersweett birthday with all youhave hadd going on. :( Be of good cheer. God has great blessing in store for you.

Teresa said...

Oh, I knew what I was doing, otherwise I'd have asked if you were 25! LOL!
~ t.