Saturday, December 17, 2011

Need Advice

A long time ago, I used to collect pigs.  I had a HOUSE FULL of them.  When we moved from Florida, I got rid of many if not most of the pigs.  I did keep some that were special to me.  My mother gave me this pig planter.
It is hollow inside to put a plant in.  It hangs in my kitchen and I have never put a plant in it before.  I would love to make it into a string holder like this one.
They would hang on the wall and you would put a ball of string in them and stick the end out of their mouth.  When you needed string you just pulled on the string until it was as long as you needed and cut it off.  

Most of the vintage string holders were made of chalkware.  This pig of mine is ceramic.  What would I use to drill a hole in its mouth and not cause it to break? 


Sherry said...

I would be afraid to try and drill. I used to do a lot of ceramics and it would be best if the hole were already there prior to being fired in the kiln. Lets get creative and figure out a way to make this work without chancing damage :)

Teresa said...

I'm not an expert but if it were me I would just use it like you are, to put seasonal decorations into. I have a planter that is a little girl's face in my kitchen. It belonged to my grandmother and reminded her of my daughter so she willed it to her. I'd be afraid the ceramic is so hard that it would crack upon converting it. Perhaps Josh or someone else in the family will eventually enjoy it's family history just as-is?
Maybe you can find one that you want on ebay?