Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend on the Farm

We tried to accomplish a lot this weekend. We did get somethings done, but we are still chipping away at our "To Do" list.

We finally have our garden completely in. Well, all except the second planting of corn which will have to wait until next weekend so the 2 types don't cross pollinate. We got straw all up around the potatoes. We will be working on getting the straw around more things this week. Our beans are coming up, but something is already eating them and our cucumbers. We already had to tie some of the tomatoes up. Josh and Brittany planted 6 cayenne plants and so did we. Something ate 4 of theirs and 4 of ours. We did find some more this weekend and they are planted. The raised beds got taken over by this nasty grass with connected roots that are horrible. So, we are leaving most of them empty (unless something was already in them). We are going to cover them with cardboard to try and kill the stuff.

We picked the rest of the garlic scapes as well. We had already picked a bunch, but more popped up. We also found a handful of strawberries. :)

I am going to try and pickle the garlic scapes. We loved pickled garlic, so these should work well. I love to chew on them. :) We used the strawberries to make 2 smoothies with our yogurt. YUM!!!

Here is part of why we named our farm Amazing Graze Farm. The grazing animals are loving this Spring grass. I hope the grass growing continues through the summer. We have had a drought summer for the past 3 years. So far we have had good rain and we PRAY that it continues.

We moved the second batch of chickens out into the movable pens in the pasture. We only lost one in the brooder this time. We are very grateful for that. The pens are on the other side of the pond this time.

The porch flowers are really doing well this year. I love the color of these Wave Petunias. They just look so happy. :)

The lobelia is doing really well this year. I love this color.

How are things on your farm or homestead or just in your garden?

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