Thursday, June 02, 2011

We are Surrounded by Beauty

Things have been hopping around here. I will start this post with some pictures of the beauty that God surrounds us with. We had to go and drop something off at a friend's house. I love her property. It has a wild beauty to it. I would love to have the natural looking gardens that she does.

The steps you see on the right hand side go down into her spring house.

On the way home, we found this old bridge. We stopped and got out to look around.

You can click on this picture and make it larger. I love the rows of crops coming up in the fields.

I will write more about the weekend in another post.


Babs said...

Ooooh, I would frame most of those pictures and put them on my wall! I especially love the one of the purple flowers in front of the house. Too beautiful, and sooo peaceful looking.

Brittany said...

Beautiful pictures!! I love her farm.

Jo Lynn said...

Her farm looks like a wonderful inviting home. A place where my camera and I would love to visit. Would love to visit Ohio soon!