Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Farm News

Skye had a birthday. Southern Blu Skye is now one year old. :) She is a good dog. She has a couple of bad habits, but we are working on those.

The garden is in. I would still like to plant some flower seeds, but I can't find the ones I thought I had. :) We also have one more planting of corn. The taller green stuff in front of the sheep shed is my garlic. I need to pull a bulb and check them. The leaves are starting to turn yellow.
The beans are coming up nicely. So are the cukes. I just pray that the cukes do well. We eat lots of pickles and I have had to buy cucumbers the last couple of years to get enough.
This is part of Joshua and Brittany's garden. The have a large L shaped portion of our garden.

I love seeing how green the grass is and how long it is. I pray that we continue to get the sporadic rains to keep it growing.

You can see that the grass is as tall as some of the lambs.

My kitchen often resembles a science lab. I have things growing or brewing. :) Here is my artisan bread dough. I made it yesterday and it sat out over night. I will make it this afternoon.

Here is one of my batches of kombucha. I have been getting really thick nice scobies on it. I have been able to have a starter for others.

I also have some raw peanuts soaking. I will put them in the dehydrator later today.

I also had a batch of yogurt in my Yogotherm. It is already in the fridge though. It might take a bit more time to fix foods the traditional way, but the way we are feeling is WELL WORTH the effort. We both have lost weight and feel wonderful. I have not felt this good in at least 10 years.

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