Thursday, June 09, 2011

Cravings - The Mother of Invention

We are enjoying the eating plan we are on. It has also made us feel really good and lose some weight. The weight is coming off a bit slower than I like, but I am losing inches too! I am able to get into some dresses that I could not wear before!!

I was a carb queen and was eating way too many of them. I have been trying sprouted whole grain breads and bagels. I also make spelt bread. My co-op offers a sprouted whole grain tortilla. I bought some to try. The thing that I miss the most is something crunchy like chips or crackers. We did not buy potato chips, but we usually always had tortilla chips on hand. I decided to try something for lunch today. I put some Tropical Traditions Expeller Pressed coconut oil in the skillet. I took a tortilla (they are big) and cut it in half. then I cut one of the halves into small chip size pieces. I put them in the oil and let them get a bit brown on both sides. I drained them on a towel and sprinkled them with salt. They were good. They were not as good as the chips we normally have, but they satsified the crunch factor and they did taste good. After I had eaten them, I realized I did not take any pictures. I will do that next time.

I am also making the coconut bark recipe with Stevia. It is so good that it tastes just like candy. I really notice a difference in my energy level and also my clearness in thinking when I am getting plenty of coconut oil.

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