Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Buttercup's Barnyard Bed & Breakfast

We are blessed to have friends who come to visit and stay with us. My friends around here said we should open a Bed & Breakfast. We do not want to do that, because we don't want to charge friends to come. :) However, we can call it that for our friends who do visit.

We had a family come to visit us this weekend. We have known each other online for about 10 years. The mom was friends in real life with a friend of mine when they lived in another state. This was the first time that Karen and I met in person. She and her family were so sweet. We really enjoyed having them, but the visit was too short.

They might feel that the visit was too long. Right before they came, we discovered that the upstairs toilet was leaking. Joshua came to fix it. It seems that nothing in this house was done in the standard way and it causes many nightmares when we have to fix something. :) This was no exception. It is still not fixed and the valves under the sink also decided to start leaking. So, we told them the only thing they could use in the upstairs bathroom was the shower. They would have to use the one downstairs for everything else. :)

Then Karen and I stayed up talking until 2AM. I kept hearing things in the pantry which was behind me. We have not had any signs of mice in the house so, I was not sure what it was. I figured I would set traps out. Then we heard a trap snap. I thought we had solved the problem and I would dispose of the mouse the next day. We kept hearing noises. I finally got up to go and look. The light switch for the pantry is about 4 feet away from the doorway. I had flip flops on. I was slowly making my way to the light switch while trying to see any movement by my feet. :) I felt the switch and flipped it on. There was a LOUD screaming noise that nearly made me jump out of my skin. A HUGE rat was on a sticky trap. We do NOT have rats in our house and I did not want to start now. The puppy came running to check out the noise, so Karen kept her back. I went and woke up Michael. He saved the day or should I say night by dispatching the rat and removing the body from the house.

Life on the farm.... I hope this doesn't keep more friends away. :)

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WN Mama said...

I'm NOT spending the night over there....

WN Mama