Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mowing the Grass

When we go to town or to run errands of some sort, I see all sorts of people out cutting their grass. We saw a man recently that had a very small yard, yet he was out cutting it with a huge zero turn mower. You see people on riding lawn mowers, zero turn mowers and even push mowers. We used to have 2 riding lawn mowers. The engine works on one, but something else has rendered it useless. :) The engine is blown on the other one. We do have a push mower to use in some places, but we like to also use a very special sort of lawn mower. It not only cuts the grass, but it fertilizes it as it goes. How cool is that? As I glance out my front door, you can see our lawn mowers in action. :)

Yes, we do allow the sheep to graze much of our lawn. We have to be choosey about what areas we put them in because they will eat the landscape and some of it might be poisonous to them.

Our friends that were just here over the weekend fell in love with Skye. You have to take several pictures of her to get a good one. She does not like camera. :)

The daughter of our friends sat in a chair and kept snapping pictures of her. She took this one.

I don't think we are going to get very many apples this year and I am not sure why. There were not that many blossoms. I hope we can figure out the problem for next year. I was really hoping on getting plums this year as well and we have not seen the first blossom. We plan on fertilizing them well and see if that helps. Our grapes are doing well.

This year, we used marigolds as row markers in the garden. I keep going out to deadhead them so that they will continue to bloom.

Our cucumbers are doing well so far. We have lots of blooms and a few little cukes coming on. Joshua and Brittany share our garden space. They have gotten several yellow squashes and a nice size pickling cuke so far.

Here is one of the tiny cukes. :)

We mulched around our pepper plants and tomato plants. I hope to get out there and mulch some more. I need to pile up more straw around the potatoes as well.

I planted sunflowers in several places. I think Brittany did as well. Here are some of mine coming up.

We hope to get our cow this weekend. I am so excited. We just finished a round of cheese and have one more left. We make raw milk cheeses so you either have to eat them fresh or age them at least 60 days. We love the fresh cheddar as well as the aged. I really do love to make cheese. I have a sweet friend who is a graphic artist. She designed my store logo and also an ad we placed in a magazine. She is working on a cheese label for me right now. I can't sell my cheese, but I still have to label it. We do give it as gifts though and I LOVE the label she is making.

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