Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snow Glops in the Woods. :)

We have had some temperatures that were above freezing. Some snow may have melted, although it is hardly noticeable. A lot of the snow that was up in the trees has fallen to the ground. However, there are some very beautiful glops (that is my word for them) of snow all around that are making a gravity defying display. With the little bit of melting and the wind, they have become snow sculptures.

This picture does not show the gravity defying part very well. If the picture had been taken a little farther back, you would see that the snow hangs well over each side of this tree.

This glop of snow is just sitting on some brambles.

There are no snow glops in this picture, but I just wanted to show you how high the snow is on the fence.

This one looks like a giant white slug or snail.

You can see how far over the sides, the snow is hanging on this archway.

This picture was taken from directly below the tree looking straight up. I kept wondering if one of the snow glops was going to let loose and drop on me.

You can see all the different glops just hanging through out the woods on whatever they found to perch on.

We went by this church and saw the icicles. I had been wanting to get a good icicle picture, but there was always someone behind us. So, we pulled into the parking lot of this church and found some really neat icicles on several sides.

The longest icicle in this picture (about the middle) was only about 10 inches from the ground.

This is the little log cabin in our woods.

Here is another glop just hanging around.

I love how the snow is hanging down the side of the one beehive. You can also see the cat on top of the AC unit in the window.

This is one side of our house. The snow sliding down knocked our gutter down on this side. We will have to get that fixed and quickly. It smashed and bent it all up, so we will have to get new. The old one is under about a foot of snow.

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Patricia said...

I have enjoyed your snowscapes. ;) the snow is really full of beauty and a time the Lord spends cleansing and refreshing the earth isn't it?