Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thank You!!

As I have shared on here before, we are attending Financial Peace University classes right now. We are starting the path to become debt free. Our budget is pretty tight, but it has freed us up in different ways already. We are looking for ways to generate some cash to pay on debts. Michael really does not want me working outside the home, and we don't have transportation for that anyway. So, I have used many different outlets to try and help out. One of the ways that I use is by the affiliate programs I take part in. I want to say a big thank you to each of you who have used the links on my blog page to make purchases. Many times I have put up posts about sales at the various companies that I represent. You have responded. I would ask that you take the time to look at the available links on the side bar of my page. Some of the most often used are Vision Forum, Franklin Springs Family Media, Amazon, and Christian There are also links to Lehman's Hardwared, Mountain Rose Herbs, and Ugg boots. I also have a link (which currently runs after each post) for Swagbucks. That is a link that will pay off for you as well. I signed up under Kim from Each time I get a Swagbuck, she does too. I have a couple of people under me already which has helped boost my counts. I have used the Swagbucks I have earned to purchase 2 telephones and I am getting ready to make another purchase. I just use the toolbar they provide and do all my web searches through them instead of google. That is how I have gotten the Swagbucks.

Anyway, I wanted to say thank you and to let you know that all of benefits of these affiliate programs are helping us to pay off debts and become debt free.

If you know of other ways that I may be able to do something from home, please feel free to suggest it.

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