Friday, February 05, 2010

Winter Wonderland!!

We were told to expect 6" to 12" from this storm. Many times when they say that we get just a little bit or it misses us. So, I am not sure what we will get from this storm, but I am hoping we get a lot. :) My brothers have commercial snow plow jobs when there is a snow and they can all use the work right now. I plan on taking pictures at different times through out the storm.

Here is my first pictures that I took at 12:30PM. You can see the lump in this first picture that is the remains of the great Snow Monster.

These next 3 pictures were taken at about 3:15PM. We had gotten quite a bit by then.

I heard noises outside and went to investigate. Yup.... the Wonderful Neighbor children were over making snowmen in my yard. Don't ya'll wish for such Wonderful Neighbors?!?!? Just to the right of the snowman in the picture is what was left of the other snowman. They made me a snow sheep. :)

Isn't she cute.

Trying to put his nose on. This is another BIG snowman!!!
I am not sure how this guy managed to get so much snow on his hat. He was eating the snow as well. Look at all those missing teeth!!!

He was making a new pile of snow for other creations.

I thought this bush was really pretty.

This is a snow cat up on the fence post. There is a snow dog below it looking up!!

You can see he even has a tail.

Here is the snow dog looking up at the snow cat. These WN Children are SO creative.

Here is the finished product!!!

Here are my buddies. They are very special to us. They help us out in so many ways and are always thinking of ways to show us their love. We love them!!

I will put more pictures in other posts as the snow continues.


Farmer's Daughter said...

How lovely! What a blast.

We're only supposed to get half an inch of snow, but I'm hoping the snow will track a little bit further north so we get hit!

Far away Neighbor said...

I wish so bad that me and my neighbors could build one of these together some time!!!!!
Looks great!!!!
(I'm just loving the face expressions that ya'll have!! :) )

Sharon said...

Aww...looks like they had a blast playing in the snow! One year we had a pretty good snow for the South and made a three foot snowman. That's a lot of work!