Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Happy Ground Hog Day!!

We had a fellowship meal on Sunday. The Lil' Neighbor loves to drink out of a straw. They asked me if I had a straw. I actually have a whole box of them somewhere, but the only straw I could find had a pig snout connected to it. It worked fine and she got her drink, but the rest of us got a chuckle.

Today, it might actually get up to almost 40. That will be really nice if it happens. It is currently around 24 so that is a heat wave of sorts. We got that short period of a January thaw and it made me long for Spring. I know that winter is not done yet. I wonder if that old Groundhog will see his shadow or not today.

Last night was the annual Coon Supper in a nearby town. It is a family tradition in Michael's family. I have never gone, and hope to never go. :) Normally, it is just the men who go, which is fine with me. Last night, my Father-in-law and both of his brothers went, my husband and his 4 brothers went, his sister went and some cousins went. I stayed home. The Wonderful Neighbors came over to milk and Mrs. WN came over to visit with me. After they left I did some knitting. I am working on a toddler sweater that I started last winter. I got the body done up to the armpits. I have one sleeve almost done. Hopefully I will have some knitting time today.

We still have not gotten a final yeah or nay on the last people who looked at the farm. They did ask some more questions last week. If we hear that they are not going to buy it, I need to start some seed planting and order some chicks. I have not gotten any new layer stock for the last 2 years because we thought we were moving.

We had our first Financial Peace University class this week. I think it is going to be a good thing for us. We started our budget last month and it really makes you think about what you spend. :)

I am going to be looking around for more things that I can sell. I will probably go back through my books and list some more of them.

I hope you have a great day today. Spend some time with the Lord. Pray for your neighbors and friends. Pray for this family. Read the first post as they tell of their precious daughter crossing the finish line into eternity today.
Wow, what a perspective. I could see the crowds and the cheering.


Peggy said...

Good to catch up with you and yours! Have missed you but have computer up and running plus power is back on after our snowstorm. At least till this weekend when another one is coming in

Sharri said...

Nice newsy post!
Love the piggy pic! Hope that little piggy is feeling better now.

Post pics of the sweater soon. :)

Emily said...

Coon Supper? Does that mean what I think it means? Ew. Why not a Groundhog Supper? Ew again.

-Brad- said...

How come I didn't get to use that straw when I was there? :)