Sunday, February 07, 2010

Wonderful Snow!!

Well, I did go out in it. I did not stay long as it was over my muck boots and I kept getting snow in my boots. :)

I love this picture of Star. She is standing in front of the snowman, but it was so bright, everything but her is just white.

Here is that buggy wheel propped up against the fence post.

Anyone care to go down the slide?

It was really deep. This picture does not show the reality of how deep.

Here is my muck boot down in the snow.
The garden was so pretty. My bean trellis became a snow tunnel.

The sheep were not too anxious to go out in the deep stuff.
The front sheep you see is the Katahdin ram. He looks so different than the Shetlands. His wool looks like it was already starting to come off.

This is the unused side of the sheep shed.
The chickens did not venture back to the coop once the snow got deep. They camped out in the sheep shed. Michael had to put feed and water in here for them. Some were still in the coop though.

I love this picture. You can click on it and make it bigger. It shows the beauty of the snow.


Unknown said...

Beautiful...I wish we too could have had a winter wonder land! I love your Kathidin sheep. I do miss our sheep. Our ram was beautiful and for the most part very gentle. We would like to get some more sheep in the next year or two.
grace and peace,

Sharon said...

The snow is beautiful Marci!! I love the big puffs of it on top of the shed and other things.