Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lots and Lots of SNOW!!!

It's a good thing that I like snow. We are getting lots of it. I just heard last night that we might get hit with another snow storm this weekend. :)

We woke up Monday morning and the thermometer said -5. I looked a bit later after it got light and it had gone down to -9. It was COLD!!!! The house was very cold and took a long time to warm up.
The sun came out and it was truly a wonderland outside. Since it was so cold, there was a very heavy frost on everything. The trees and everything else were sparkling like diamonds. These pictures don't even do it justice.

Then on Tuesday, another snow storm headed our way. The children who live in our apartment had cleared my birdbath of snow. It gave me a point of reference again to measure snow fall. Here it is after just a couple of hours of snowfall.

At times it came down really heavy.

Here is the birdbath a couple of hours later.

You can see my picnic table in the background.

Care to have a picnic anyone?

The sheep would come and stay awhile. The snow would build up on their fleece, but they would not go far from the sheep shed.

Would you like to be our grill chef this evening?

Somewhere out there is a pond.

This is a half whiskey barrel outside my house. It is almost covered.

There were some brave souls out trying to see how deep the snow really was. :) Glad it was them and not me.

I love the snow, but I love looking at it out my window. :)


Gina said...

Looks a lot like the views from my windows too! Beautiful...but I'm ready for spring!!

Emily said...

It feels very strange to see everyone else getting so much snow, but all we are getting today is a couple of inches. Yes, it's a good thing you like it, Marci! It's so beautiful on the trees, especially when a cardinal comes to call.

Sharon said...

It's beautiful, but if it weren't for the bare trees, I'd say it looks like Antarctica! Brrrr! Drink lots of hot tea and hot chocolate!

Peggy said...

I am so jealous!! Our snow is almost gone and I am in need of a snow fix! LOL Thanks for sharing yours with me... have a blessed day

Lynn Bartlett said...

You a getting more snow than we are! The last snow was about 5 days ago, and the snowplow has yet to come in and clean us out.