Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Who Will Win The Hearts of Your Children?

It took me years to discover answers to many questions that I knew God cared about, such as the family and how to raise my children. Through your ministry I have learned . . . what the Bible actually says about topics that I never thought the Bible spoke to. Thank you . . . for your ministry, I truly can’t express how important it [is] to me and my family. —A Grateful Parent and Customer

Who will win the hearts of your children?

This question should be the passion of every parent. If we do not constantly re-evaluate where our children are before Christ, and consistently nurture and know their hearts, then someone else will most certainly lead them in our stead.

The world is out to steal our children’s hearts. Whether it’s the latest fashion trend, teen pop sensation, or sports icon, the culture of the world is constantly vying for their affections. Rather than identify with Christ, who bought us with a price, the world would have our children identify with its own customs and ideals. We face nothing less than an identity crisis.

What’s more, the prevailing cultural immorality and identity confusion can warp the vision and taint the character of those children raised in even the finest Christian homes. The “best” families are not immune from the world’s influence.

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Yet we must do more than fight a defensive battle against the ways of the world. We must actively build a culture of godly, principled manhood and womanhood and instill a sense of hope and purpose in our children’s hearts. We must rebuild the foundations if we are to see our children succeed.

Now Vision Forum is pleased to offer a special collection of resources that will help equip parents to do this — The Family Foundations Toolkit. These teaching tools are designed to help strengthen and equip you in raising up your children to identify with, and to glorify, the Lord Jesus Christ, and to treasure His ways in their hearts. They are designed to aid you in laying the critical foundations of a big picture vision: to encourage your children to be about something far beyond themselves — a work that seeks to transform the culture and advance Christ’s kingdom.

These four books, five CDs, and DVD will help you disciple your children and cement in their hearts a love for Christ. And through February 13, we are pleased to offer this set at a special 40% savings — only $74 for the entire collection.

The Family Foundations Toolkit includes:

When You Rise Up: A Covenantal Approach to Homeschooling (book)

Fathers & Sons: Stand Fast in the Way of Truth (book)

Family Driven Faith: Doing What it Takes to Raise Sons & Daughters Who Walk with God (book)

Already Gone: Why Your Kids Will Quit Church and What You Can Do to Stop It (book)

The Centrality of the Home in Evangelism and Discipleship (CD)

Fathers and Daughters: Why Every Father Is Leaving a Legacy (CD)

Identity Theft: Why Our Children’s Identities Are Being Stolen by the World, and What We Can Do About It (CD)

Toxic: Seven Poisons that Threaten the Health of the Homeschool Movement — and Their Antidotes (CD)

How to Pass on Convictions to Your Children (CD)

Homeschool Dropouts: Why the Second Generation is Now Headed for a Spiritual Wasteland (DVD)

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