Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A Celebration of Marriage

National Marriage Week

There’s a lot of attention being given in the media this week to National Marriage Week. That gets our attention.

At Franklin Springs Family Media, we’re pleased that people around the world are giving heightened consideration to what constitutes a strong, healthy marriage – and to the resulting benefits when a marriage functions well.

We have the privilege of meeting families across the country where there’s a strong resolve to build marriages to the glory of God. It’s a beautiful picture. While we’ve yet to meet a family that is not facing their own array of challenges, we see what happens within a home when a husband and wife love and serve each other well.

While we all know that the institution of marriage is under attack, we are encouraged on many fronts. We’re grateful for the work of our friends Alex and Stephen Kendrick and their 2009 landmark film Fireproof. We watched it again just the other night, and were so thankful for the unabashed stance the film takes in defense of marriage.

We’ve been pleased over the last few years to produce several films that include portrayals of well-functioning marriages. If you haven’t seen them, we hope you’ll consider adding these films to your DVD library this week. We’re offering them at a discounted price throughout National Marriage Week:

We hope we’ll all take time this week to consider anew the incredible importance of marriage. And our prayer is that throughout the week people across the land will be driven into the fifth chapter of Ephesians...

- The Team at Franklin Springs

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Farmer's Daughter said...

I can never understand why women my age choose not to get married, but live with a man as if he is her husband. What's the difference? Why make the decision not to get married? Marrying my husband was one of the best days of my life, and our love continues to grow, even more as we start a family. When we celebrated 5 years of marriage, it felt like a major accomplishment because a good marriage takes work, indeed. But I can't understand why someone would not want to be married.