Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas is almost here...

We had a little bit of snow here today. It looks pretty coming down. My opinion is that if it is going to be cold, I like snow. :) We are getting things together here. Catching up on laundry and other things. It still seems way too quiet around here.

I thought I would share some more pictures from their visit.

We all went to Lehman's Hardware together. Here is Providence riding around in the cart.

Jeff and the children went upstairs to look down on the trains that are going around the toy area.

Some of our group acted up and got put in jail. Here is Jo, Berri and Boaz.

Jeff and Providence did not escape jail either.

Boaz decided to chat with Mr. Lehman.

Whenever Providence got put in the high chair, Star would strike her begging pose nearby. One day we caught Providence taking a bite of cracker and then offering a bite to Star.... GROSS!!!!

There are always several games of Risk played when the Browers are here. They also played Monopoly and Charge Large.

Everyone except Terri, Berri, Providence and myself went to Old Man's Cave to hike one day. The girls wanted to be entertained. We read lots of books and played with them.

They loved to sit with Brittany and she loved holding them.

The children would come in from the cold outdoors and want to warm their hands by the fire.

The younger set really liked playing Battleship.

Jeff kept checking his phone for the VERY sporadic signal. Their phones got basically no service at our house.

Provi loved Star and was really good with her. Star was very patient.

I could have taken a dozen pictures of Brianna right in this chair. It would be different clothes and different books, but this was her favorite spot.

They had brought along a book of Mad Libs and had fun doing them with each other.

I pray that as Christmas draws near that you will reflect on what we really celebrate. The real GIFT.... Jesus.


Theresa said...

Looks like you've had a really wonderful visit. I'm glad they could all come!

Mary said...

Hi sweet Marci! I pray you had a blessed Christmas :) I love the pictures of the children reading and playing sweetly together. So many families never take the time to do that. We are moving forward with our plans to go to Africa in June, and we are now just 90 days away from the big wedding. I predict a busy spring for our household! Have a wonderful and peaceful new year :)

Sharon said...

I enjoyed the pictures! It looks like you all had a wonderful time together. I'd love to visit Lehman's one day. I ordered a soapmaking kit from them this year for Carissa. She was so excited to get it!