Thursday, December 31, 2009

In The Meadow We Can Build A Snowman...

The last time I showed you picture it was from the snowfall while our Florida friends were here. Then it warmed up a tad and rained and we lost all our snow. Then earlier this week we got about 3" of snow. We got more snow last night. Michael thinks we got another 3". The Wonderful Neighbor children were over bright and early to build a snowman. They knocked on our door and asked if Michael could come out and help with a snowball. I thought maybe they wanted him to be that snowball's target. :) However, they were talking about a LARGE snowball. Here is the snowMAN that they built for us outside our front door! It is HUGE!!! We love it.

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Klasse Woods Natural Farm said...

Gotta love it! Thankfully the warm memories won't melt it, lol.
Have a blessed New Year!