Sunday, December 06, 2009

Blankets and Plants

I told you a couple of months ago about my favorite children's book. It is called All the Places to Love. On the first page it shows a picture of a baby and says something like, "On the day I was born, my grandmother wrapped me in a blanket made from the wool of her very own sheep."

I have always wanted to make that come true in my grandchildren's life. I do not have any grandchildren yet, not do I know of any on the way. However, I do know how slow I an be about getting things done sometimes, so I decided to go ahead and start making a blanket. I took yarn made from the wool of my very own sheep and then picked out my pattern. Well, I was quicker than I thought. The blanket is done. I will put it away for my future grandchild. :) They will get wrapped in the blanket and also receive a copy of the book from me. :) Here are a couple of pictures.

Remember I showed you the Iris's I found blooming out front? I decided to grab my camera and see what else I could find. Here is our Bradford Pear Tree. It has been very cold and all the other trees are bare, but this one is just starting to turn colors.
Here are the Iris buds still out there.

These are some Calendula blooms and some Yarrow blooms I found.
Here is my lettuce bed. It re-seeded itself. :)

Here is a weed that is blooming.
These are Calendula blossoms.

The Fennel was sending up new shoots.

This is the Yarrow sending up new shoots.

I have never seen this kind of plant growth and blooming in Ohio in December ever before. My birthday is this coming week. Usually we get the first snow that sticks around my birthday and it has already been really cold.

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