Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

We got to see lots of family and had fun together.

Here is a little brotherly love while Dad watches.

She loved to pose for pictures.

This little one refused to look at the camera. :)

Papa, is the official turkey carver. They did two huge turkeys that we raised. They were really good. He brines them and then they put cheesecloth over them when they cook. It was so moist and had hints of the brine in the flavor.

This is one of the favorite uncles. He is 23 and single and is a good sport. The little girls dressed him up as a sheriff. It did not matter that his hat was too small, or that his shawl was black with shiny silver in it.

Here was the princess that the sheriff was to save. Her purse is shiny gold and her shoes are bright glittery purple. They have a dress up box at Grandma's house.

Here is Dee Daw (Joshua's version of Grandma when he was little) with Brittany.

These two were waiting on food and telling stories while they waited.

There was tons of good food and a crowd around the serving area. Notice all the red hair in the family. Michael and all 6 of his siblings had red hair. Many of them have turned more auburn or brown, but the red is coming out in the grandkids too.

Here is the dessert table. Brittany made the peppermint cookies and a pumpkin cheesecake that was WONDERFUL!! There was even a gluten free pumpkin pie.

Lots of good food....

Here was Molly's Thanksgiving dinner. She did eat 2 dinner rolls as well. :)

Papa and DeeDaw wait until the end to fill their plates. They are wonderful people.

We left there and went to my brothers for about an hour. I got to hold little bits again. She is a chunk!!! :)

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Sharri said...

Glad you had a good day!