Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Pray for the Wonderful Neighbor Baby

The Wonderful Neighbor's baby is in Children's Hospital. She has RSV which is a respiratory virus. She is doing better, but prayers are always welcome. I have the WN boys here at my house.

Their Mom taught them this trick. They lay down under the Christmas tree and look up into it. I have the lights on all day. It is hard to see that in this picture taken with a flash.

The oldest WN boy is sitting out there right now reading a stack of books to his brothers.

I went outside to throw some old bread to the birds and looked over and I have Iris blooming. In December!!! That is unheard of. I picked the 2 that were open, but there are a lot more buds out there. We have had a few nights where it got into the high 20's. It is a beautiful blessing from the Lord!!

Right now it is about 43 degrees and raining. It is good to be inside with a nice fire.


LadySnow said...

Definitely praying!

Peggy said...

prayers going up. I know you are enjoying having your young friends visiting.Bet they are a big help and are enjoying themselves too.

Jenna said...

I'm praying for their little sister had RSV when she was about 3 months old, so I know what they're going through. What a blessing that you can help them out with childcare while they're at the hospital! I'm sure that they feel good knowing that their children are in such caring hands:)


WN Mama said...

Thanks so much to all who prayed for us. Our girlie is home and doing much better. A big THANK YOU to Mike and Marci for watching the rest of the tribe while we were at Children's and to Mary for taking care of the big girlie. We love you guys.

WN Mama

Sharri said...

So glad the baby is doing better! She had us worried--we were praying!

those boys are so cute! Loved the pic of them looking up into the tree!