Saturday, March 28, 2009

It Just Felt Right Give Away!!

This Giveaway is now closed. We will let you know who won soon. Thanks for all who entered.

I am very excited about this giveaway. I have a good friend who moved away several years ago. She and her husband homeschool their children. She has 6 boys and then God brought her a little girl. They are expecting their second little girl in just a few weeks. She loves to knit and does it every chance she gets. She has knitted some darling bags. She uses wool yarn and then felts the bags. These are extremely well made bags and are not only whimsical and delightful, but very useful as well. The name of her business is "I Felt Wooly".

I now have her collection up in my store. You can see them here.

is graciously allowing me to give one of the bags away. I decided to use this opportunity to get some people over to the store to see her bags and maybe make some sales. Yes, I know... I am shameless. :)

Here are the rules of the giveaway. Go over to the store and browse through her bags. Let me know which one you like best. Then tell me how you would use it. For instance, would you use it to keep your cell phone in, or use it as a diaper bag, or do you have a favorite outfit it would go perfect with. This will give us some ideas on all the different ways these bags could be used. That will get you one entry. (Please limit this first entry to one per family) To get a second entry take the button from the top of this post and put it on your blog or web page with a link back to this post and leave the URL in the comments section. This will earn you a second entry.
If you buys something in the store, I will give you 2 more entries. Then if you decide to go ahead and buy a bag leave a comment on your order and you will get five additional entries.

The deadline to get your entries in will be midnight EST on March 28th, 2009. Please do not leave information in the comments that you do not want me to publish. If you click on my profile, there is a link to my email. Send me private information there.

Here is the prize. You will receive a Blue and Purple Wooly Bag, a box of All Occasion cards, a Decorative Candle with a lid, 4 Spice Jars with colorful lids, 3 Single Servings of Dandy Blend Instant Dandelion Beverage packets, and a Toby Teaboy. You can click on this picture to make it larger.

Here is another picture of just the bag...

Thank you all for reading my blog and for the encouragement that you give me. Be sure and get your entry in on time!!!


The Dearborns said...

I like the big burgandy booga bag, and I would use it for an everyday tote; toys for Donna when visiting a friend; books and snacks for a long trip, etc. :)

Anonymous said...

Fiddlin' Farmgirl likes the pink and cream booga bag and also the blue one you are giving away. I would use it as a purse.

Angela said...

I love the Large Burgandy Booga Bag! It is not only my favorite color but very roomy and would fit my bible and lot's of other things.

Patty said...

Hi Marci, what a wonderful give away ! I would love any bag but I do like the burgandy bag. I would use it as a purse, a reminder of how I love home made things and wool always makes me think of the Lamb of God. Even when I spin, I am thinking about the love of the greatest Shepherd.

Heather Truckenmiller said...

I love the muted brown lucy bag! I'd use it as my pocketbook. :-)

Dana Clover said...

Love the muted brown Lucy bag!
I'd use it for my smaller "every day" bag, cell phone,checkbook etc,

Thanks! great Blog! goin to have a look around.

imagrandma2five said...

I love the burgandy booga bag. It would be great for carrying my crocheting or quilting projects.
All the bags are gorgeous!
I also linked the giveaway on my blog,

Karen in Indiana

Anonymous said...

Hi Marci,

I love the muted brown Lucy bag but it was a difficult choice to make. All are so cute. The Lucy bag would be a great purse to use everyday. However, although I really like the Lucy bag, the yellow purse is sooo cute. What a great way to start Spring!

Diana R.Smith said...

These bags are really cute. Felting is so much fun and easy,too. You get to knit on big needles and oversized so that part is quickly done and you can start the felting fun. I made a fedora with black/white yarn and the same in purple yarn and bet I could sell quite a few as many people have even stopped me in the mall to ask where I got my hat!!! Like the pink/creme bag...I'm a pink kinda woman! DEE

D said...

I like the Lucy bag. I would use it for a diaper bag. As a foster parent I go thru more diaper bags than I can count!

Sharon said...

I love the burgandy booga bag and also the blue and purple one in your giveaway. This is so exciting because my birthday is March 29th. What a wonderful birthday gift if I could win! And I was just saying the other day I wanted to get some spice jars.

I'll have to get a post up with your giveaway logo and then I'll come back with the URL.

Bless you both! I hope this giveaway will generate more sales for you both!

stacy said...

i really like the large burgundy booga bag! i would use for a "mom's busy bag". :o) i am always on the run with my kids and while waiting for their piano lesson or endless soccer practices i like to read, knit, write thank you notes, etc...

if i could choose the color, i would choose muted shades of blues and greens. i do like the bag you're giving away.

Klasse Woods Natural Farm said...

Thanks Marci. I really like the blue & purple bag on your post - I would use one like that for a diaper bag for now and other stuff later. But I'd also like the pink Heathered Button bag or the purple heart bag ... either of those would make a lovely little first purse for my new little daughter don't you think?

Blessing to you & your friend for sharing this offer.

Anonymous said...


The colorful confetti bag is obviously a water bottle holder for those long walks in the woods!

Dana in TN

Lisa said...

I really like the big burgundy booga bag. I think I would use it when I go to the library so I can bring home books. It would also make a good bag for taking to the Farmer's Market.

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

I'm going with the majority of people; the burgundy booga bag. I would use it to carry materials and books to church when it is my turn to teach children's church.
This is the first time I have entered a give a way.
I pray that the person who wins needs it the most.
God bless you for this.

Anonymous said...

I just love the Muted Brown Lucy Bag!!!! I would use it as my everyday purse!

I love it so much, I've been wanting to make myself one in that style in fabric for some time.

Anonymous said...

I blogged about your wonderful giveaway!

BTW, love your blog! Haven't been a reader for long, but am completely enjoying it!

Anonymous said...

I'm like everyone else I like the big burgunday booga bag - it would make a great library bag and Bible bag. Or the muted brown Lucy bag - which would be great to keep my clutter together on an everyday basis. Thanks for your blog, it is a blessing to me and to many others.

YZgirl4 said...

The tote is cute. I would love to have the all occasion cards, I am always using them to send out thank you notes


Sharri said...

I would choose the Large Burgandy Booga Bag! (Although all of the bags are lovely!)
i love totes--I can pop papers I need to go through, a magazine, a map, Bible, book, or notebook and pen to write things down when I am waiting at an appointment, or riding on the train, or other travel.
I am also posting w/a link back to you at

Lovely bags! Great giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Each purse is unique. I would choose the golden heart latch bag for my 10 year old daughter. Her two older sisters are away right now involved in college/ministry, and she has really stepped up to the plate in becoming my helper. She has become quite the young lady and I would give her the purse to put her things in. Not sure how big it is, maybe a small bible, pens, note pad etc. for church.

Blessings, Trish in PA
(learned about the contest from my good friend Sharri :).

Michelle said...

First, let me say, choosing my favorite bag was a very difficult decision! There are about four or five that I think are perfectly lovely! I decided that my favorite would be the muted brown lucy bag. I like the closure, and it reminds me of the purses ladies carried on "Little House on the Prairie," which I've always wanted to imitate, but knew a drawstring bag would be impractical. I love the color of it, too. I would use it as my purse and carry it all the time! I have posted a link to your post in my blog here:

Digital Misfit said...

I love the booga bags! I am also loving the shape of the muted brown lucy bag
This bag is the perfect size to grab on the go with a coin/card pouch, keys and lip balm!

Amy said...

Love the Muted Brown Lucy Bag. Not sure what would go in it, BUT NOT DIAPERS. This bag would be for ME.

Dora Renee Wilkerson said...

Wow, those are all nice.

My daughter would love the Golden Heart Latch Bag or the pink one (she is a girly girl that's for sure.) She'd use it anytime we went out and for dress up around the house.

I myself really like the Burgandy Booga Bag. It would be great to run around town in. It looks like a durable purse and that is what I would use it as. It would dress up any outfit.

I think it's great your doing a give-away.

Any of those bags would be great to win!!

Dora Renee' Wilkerson

Buki Family said...

i really like the muted brown lucy bag... i like your music too..

Anonymous said...

ooh I love the burgundy bag I would use it to carry my crochet yarn and needles I always carry a but of crochet to do while waiting for appointments. The bags are all cute but the burgundy will carry my meds and my yarns. Sue

Anonymous said...

I love the Muted Brown Lucy Bag. Big sister would like the big burgundy bag and little sister would like anything pink and little. We wish your friend the best as she uses her talents to bless others.
Monica -pianomom