Thursday, March 19, 2009

Can You Smell It? :)

Today, I am dehydrating some garlic slices. I showed you my harvest here. Then I told you how a friend helped me to get them ready for storage in this post. Well, I am still using my garlic and it is still good. However, I know it can't last forever, so I am dehydrating some of it. The aroma is powerful. I am sure you can smell it even through the blog. :) I walked outside and when I came back in, my eyes started watering. I am slicing it and then I will dehydrate the slices. As I need more garlic powder, I will throw a handful into my food processor or blender and make garlic powder. The fresh garlic powder is so much better than what you buy in the store. We keep a shaker of it on the table. We put it on lots of different foods. Our friends all love using it as well. I store the garlic in old net bags I saved from buying potatoes and lemons.

I peeled the cloves and then put them in my food processor with the slicing blade.

All of the above peels will go in my compost.

Sorry the above picture is a bit dark. Here are the slices on my dehydrator trays.

It is amazing at how fast the grass is greening up. We have had some good days of sunshine and some rain. It is a real blessing to see green grass again.

My sheep will be getting sheared soon. It may be this Saturday and I really hope it is. They are all possibly (hopefully) pregnant and really could go at any time. I like to have them sheared first. I wanted to take these before pictures of them.

There are several of the daffodil plants with blooms now. These are out back by the crocus.
Well, back to the kitchen to finish up. Have a blessed day!!!

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