Monday, March 16, 2009

Vision Forum's Big Spring Sale

Vision Forum has been a real blessing to our family. We only wish that we had these resources many years ago when our son was younger. There are many godly teachings that still apply to us in our stage of life. They teach biblical principles on raising godly children, on being godly parents, on looking ahead and planning not just for our generations, but for our children, our grandchildren and beyond.

Once again, they are offering a sale that allows you to get big discounts on their products. They need to make room in the warehouse by clearing out the products they are overstocked on from the busy winter season. They have chosen over 200 products to discount up to 70% so that you, your family will get the most value for your dollars as you enjoy tremendous savings on some amazing products.

A Sampling of Savings:

Raising Maidens of Virtue - 50% discount

Ballantyne Adventures - 50% discount

Reformation and Revival (book) - 55% discount

The Influence of Older Children on the Younger (CD) - 70% discount

Click here to see the entire list.

There is another special that they are allowing me to share with you. It will not be offered anywhere on their website. If you order a copy of Doug's new book, Little Boy Down the Road, you may purchase the Victories! CD for $3.00 (that's 70% off!). Just use coupon code 0309CD. This code may be used multiple times but is only good through March 16, 2009 so don't wait too long.

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