Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This And That!!

It seems like a whole new part of me comes alive in the Spring. I am not even sure I realize it has ever gone to sleep. I have more of a bounce in my step. I love to hear the birds singing through my open windows. The dogs lay out in the yard and take long sun baths (or should I say naps). :) It does not take very many days of warm and sunshine to make the green start to appear in the grass. The bulb plants start pushing up through the soil. I have daffodils and crocus blooming already. The hyacinth are just pushing up through the soil. the iris are coming up as well as the tiger lily greens. Pretty soon, we will see the asparagus pushing its way up through the surface. I love getting the first tender shoot of asparagus and eating it raw in the garden. There are big green leaf buds on the lilac and the forsythia has buds that are swelling with new life. I am used to this farm and I know where to go and look for signs of life.

The farm is for sale, but it will be fun watching the Spring on a new farm. The first year on a new place is always exciting. You have to constantly be out and hunting around for the signs of each season. Cheri, the TN Farmgirl suggested that I tell you, my readers, again, that our farm is for sale. Maybe one of you have been dreaming of a home in the country where you can raise and grow your own food. If you are, please contact me through my email.

My kitchen has become a happening sort of place. :) I have to remember to feed my sourdough starter. I have 2 jars of kombucha going and I just won some kefir grains and so I am making kefir as well. My son recently accused me of being a hippie. :) I also want to make soap soon.

I took some of my sheep to a new home recently. My friend Rachel orignally gave me my first two sheep. They have a lot of animals. Here is their baby alpalca (called a cria). Isn't it cute?

I love how this picture turned out. This is 2 of their llamas and one of the alpacas.

Here is another alpaca.

I went outside Sunday with Brittany to check on blooming things. :) The crocus out back were going nuts!!

Here is my dear sweet Brittany holding our very wretched farm cat. Gino was gone for over a week. I am sure he was out partying with the ladies. He came back and had lost a lot of weight, his fur was greasy and matted, and he was filthy. I can't even believe she picked him up.

Here are the daffodils on the south side of the house. That is where Michael found that first one for me. This is the only place they are blooming so far.

Here are some of the buds on the lilac bush.

This is Molasses. She is Buttercup's daughter. We are hoping she is pregnant, but we are not sure. She is a very dark jersey. Her sire is actually from an old line of jerseys that have never been bred up for production. They do extremely well on grass alone. If you put a jar of goat's milk along side a jar of cow's milk the goat's milk looks very white. Buttercup's milk is very yellow and creamy. However, when you put Buttercup's milk next to Molasses' milk, it looks white to the almost orange color of Molasses' milk. The colostrum that Molasses gives looks like pumpkin puree in color.

Here are the buds on the Bradford Pear. From a distance, they almost look like pussy willow buds. I would really like to have a pussy willow one day.

Here is the sedum coming to life. Can you sedum? :)

I found this over by my fruit trees and grape vines. It is a mullein plant. Most people call them weeds, but they are wonderful for your lungs.

We have an old broken down potato planter out near the driveway. There must have been mice in it or something. Belle was going nuts. Star was a little bit interested, but Belle was climbing over and under and in this thing. We were cracking up watching her.

Star is running toward me, but if you look on the potato planter, you can see Belle's rear end sticking up. She is after something. :)

Well, this was a very random post. I hope you enjoyed our trip around the farm.


Anonymous said...

Oh my... the flowers are so beautiful! I want spring here too! Brittany is so so lovely. Hope your farm sells quickly and you can move closer to me. ;)

Anonymous said...

One of my boys called me a hippie this week...I think it is all the herbs, tinctures, salves ..... :)

Praying for a quick sale!


Teresa said...

Sedum...I laughed out loud! Funny.

Do you have a tried and true whole wheat sourdough bread recipe? I've a good sourdough starter but the first recipe I tried works better as rolls or door stops. It rises up beautifully, just ends up very heavy and not good for sandwiches.

Again, the photos are really something to enjoy. Thanks for sharing!

Klasse Woods Natural Farm said...

Lovely photos. Cute little alpaca - my dream pet, someday perhaps.
I do hope the sale of your farm will take you on a beautiful faith journey like we experience with ours last summer.

Sharri said...

Fun to take the Spring farm tour!

The Alpacas are soooo cute!

Brittney is tooo! :)

And you are kinda hippyish! LOL

Anonymous said...

Marci, the tour was great! I too am hoping for a quick sale for you guys. Did I miss that you have found another place? I was thinking that you were wanting to leave Ohio, is that correct?

Your flowers are beautiful but Brittney out shines them by far!