Saturday, March 07, 2009

What a Beautiful Day!!!

Today was beautiful. It got up into the low 60's. The wind was blowing, but we were able to be out in short sleeves. We did a lot of outside things today. We pulled dead leaves and plants out of the flower beds. We cut back a lot of the briers that were trying to grow. We took out the tomato stakes (which should have been done in the fall). We pruned the fruit trees as well. We had a bunch of things we wanted to get done inside, but it was just too nice outside. We saw our first bluebirds of the season. I think they are nesting in the box I have out. I have daffodils coming up all over the place.

The leaf buds on the wisteria are swelling up and getting ready to open.

It is amazing at how quickly the plants respond to warmth and rain. Here is my lilac getting ready to send forth leaves.

The buds on the Bradford Pear looked almost like pussy willow buds from a distance.

The Wonderful Neighbor's dog came over for a visit. We really don't mind, but the Neighbor Girl is trying to train him to stay home, so we don't encourage him to stay.

We had to run out on one small errand. Coming home we saw these turkeys in a corn field.

I decided to go out and get some pictures of the 4 ewes I have left. Here are 3 of them.
This is Woolsey. Her sister Lindsey went to my friend Rachel.

This is Pepper. It is amazing how much their color changes over the course of the year.

This is Knit on the left and Purl on the right

They will all be getting sheared soon. Hopefully they are all pregnant and will lamb in April.


The Sisters said...

Hi Marci,
We enjoyed all of the pictures!
It was a beautiful day here also.
It felt like summer time!

~Have a great Sunday!

Sharri said...

They are soooo woooollllyyyy right now!
So cute!